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Question Answer
StrengthAbility to resist deformation
BrittlenessAbility of a material to break or shatter without significant deformation when under stress; opposite of plasticity
Bulk modulusRatio of pressure to volumetric compression (GPa)
Coefficient of restitutionratio of the final to initial relative velocity between two objects after they collide.
Compressive strengthMaximum stress a material can withstand before compressive failure (MPa)
CreepThe slow and gradual deformation of an object with respect to time
DuctilityAbility of a material to deform under tensile load (% elongation)
DurabilityAbility to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.
ElasticityAbility of a body to resist a distorting influence or stress and to return to its original size and shape when the stress is removed
Fatigue limitMaximum stress a material can withstand under repeated loading (MPa)
FlexibilityAbility of an object to bend or deform in response to an applied force; pliability; complementary to stiffness
Flexural modulus the tendency for a material to resist bending.
Flexural strengthThe stresses in a material just before it yields.
Fracture toughnessAbility of a material containing a crack to resist fracture (J/m^2)
HardnessAbility to withstand surface indentation and scratching (e.g. Brinnell hardness number)
PlasticityAbility of a material to undergo irreversible or permanent deformations without breaking or rupturing; opposite of brittleness
Poisson's ratioRatio of lateral strain to axial strain (no units)
ResilienceAbility of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically (MPa); combination of strength and elasticity
Shear modulusRatio of shear stress to shear strain (MPa)
Shear strengthMaximum shear stress a material can withstand
Specific modulusModulus per unit volume (MPa/m^3)
Specific strengthStrength per unit density (Nm/kg)
Specific weightWeight per unit volume (N/m^3)
StiffnessAbility of an object to resist deformation in response to an applied force; rigidity; complementary to flexibility
Surface roughness the deviations in the direction of the normal vector of a real surface from its ideal form.
Tensile strengthMaximum tensile stress of a material can withstand before failure (MPa)
ToughnessAbility of a material to absorb energy (or withstand shock) and plastically deform without fracturing (or rupturing); a material's resistance to fracture when stressed; combination of strength and plasticity
ViscosityA fluid's resistance to gradual deformation by tensile or shear stress; thickness
Yield strengthThe stress at which a material starts to yield plastically (MPa)
Young's modulusRatio of linear stress to linear strain (MPa)