MDG Vocabulary

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Question Answer
deliberatelydone on purpose
inevitablecertain to happen
civilized polite and well-mannered
imperativecrucial, something that must be done
barbarouscruel or uncivilized
righteousacting appropriately
condoneto accept or approve an action or behavior
attributea specific quality
instinctnatural ability to do something
analytical deep thinking or using one’s mind
prolongedcontinuing for longer than expected
affablefriendly or easy to talk to
preserveplace where animals are protected
specimenan example of something much greater
tailorperson who makes fitted cloths
aristocrat someone with nobility or royalty
miragesomething that appears to be real but is not
abrupt sudden or unexpected
lacerateto tear or make deep cuts
vigorstrength or toughness
opaquecannot see through
anguishsevere pain
recedingto go back or disappear
tangiblesomething that can be held or touched
taintto make worse or pollute
cannibala person who eats other people
Amazonlarge rainforest in South America
yachta medium-sized sailboat
palpableable to be touched