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1. In the five Kingdom scheme of classification, Algae are classified in the KingdomPlant
2. Which group of animals are not usually of concern to the microbiologistmoth
3. In the five kingdom system of classificationviruses can't be classified
4. According to the three domain classification system an organism with a cell wall made of peptidoglyean would belong to theBacteria
5. According to the three domain classification system an organism with cells measuring more than 10 micrometers across would most likely belong to theeukarya
6. Which one of the following is a prokaryote without a cell wallmycoplasma
7. Which one of the following microorganisms was once called blue-green algaecyanobacteria
8. The five kingdom system of classification was set up byRobert Whittaker
9. The binomial name of a microbe is composed of itsgenus and species names
10. Classification is necessary toall of the above
11. In the name Escherichia coli, Escherichia refers to the _____ of the bacteriagenus
12. Which of the following levels of classification would contain the greatest numberphylum
13. The correct order of taxonomic hierarchies (from most broad to most specific)
14. A strain is a subgroup of aspecies
15. A tool used by biologists that involves making a series of @either-or@ questions which eventually lends to the identification of an organism is adichotomous key
16. A bacterial strain containsa subgroup of a species with some of the same characteristics
17. Organisms are generally classified according toevolutionary relationships
18. Which of the folowing characteristics is not found in all living organismsability to convert light energy to chemical energy
19. A prokaryotic cell would be assigned to which of the taxonomic KingdomMonera
20. A eukaryotic multicellular organism that has no cell wall would be classified as aanimal
21. The Kingdom Monera is also known as the KingdomProkaryotae
22. Within the Kingdom Monera the group of most interest to microbiologists is theeubacteri

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