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1. When genes are passed on from parent to offspring, which of the following events has taken placevertical gene transfer
2. Bacterial conjugation is an example ofhorizontal gene transfer
3. In horizontal gene transfergenes are passed between bacteria of the same generation
4. In Griffith's transformation experiments, which of the following did not take placeDNA was transferred from smooth to rough bacteria using a bacteriophage
5. In an experiment such as Griffith's pneumococcal experiment, which of the following, when injected into a mouse, would result in its deatha mixture of heat killed smooth pneumococci and live rough pneumococci


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6. A bacterium that is transformedhas acquired naked DNA from the environment
7. The transfer of DNA between bacteria cells by a virus istransduction
8. A lytic viral cycle is usually the result of infection by avirulent phage
9. A phage isa viruses which can infect bacteria
10. A viral cycle which ends with the rupture of the cell and release of new viral particles is thelytic cycle


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11. Specialized transduction refers to the fact thatonly specific genes are transferred
12. In specialized transduction the bacterial genes transduced tend to bethose genes that are located close to the site of the prophage
13. Which of the following processes requires contact between donor and recipient cellsconjugation
14. The genetic information needed for a cell to participate in conjugation resides in the DNA of a cell'sF plasmid
15. In a culture containing both F- and F+ cells, which of the following will occur if we wait long enoughAll F- will become F+ cells


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16. When cells conjugate for longer periods of time, which of the following will occurmore genes will be transferred
17. High frequency recombination cells arise whena portion of the cell's F plasmid has been incorporated into the bacterial chromosome
18. When conjugation occurs between a Hfr donor and a F- recipient, which of the following describes the outcomeF- cells with some quantity of chromosomal DNA
19. The process of conjugation in bacteria requires thatthere be contact between donor and recipient cells
20. Which of the following statements is truecells containing F' plasmid have multiple copies of some genes


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21. Plasmids which contain genes for the formation of an F pilus are calledPromiscous
22. The Ti plasmid is known primarily for its ability toinduce the formation of tumors in plants
23. A typical transposon is flanked byinverted repeat terminals
24. Transposons are of particular significance because theycan be inserted either between genes or in genes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
25. Natural selectiontwo of the above

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