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1. A linear sequence of DNA nucleotides which provides the genetic information for a single characteristic is agene
2. A plasmid is a/anextrachromosomal piece of DNA
3. Which nitrogenous base is not normally found in DNAuracil
4. Replication results in the formation of what type of new moleculeDNA
5. The process of ________ results in the synthesis of a new proteintranslation
6. Bacterial genomescontain all the information for the structure and functioning of a cell
7. During replication, DNA is synthesized byDNA polymerase
8. Messenger RNAcontains uracil instead of thymine
9. RNA polymerase uses ________ as a template to synthesize ________DNA...RNA
10. The information carried by DNA is used to create a ________ which then moves to the ribosome for protein synthesismRNA
11. An anticodon would be found in/on a ________ moleculetRNA
12. Protein synthesistwo of the above
13. Which of the following properties are exclusive to tRNAmolecules contain an anticodon
14. Inducible enzymesare synthesized by genes that are sometimes active and sometimes inactive
15. With regard to the lactose operon, which of the following is false under conditions of low (or no) lactoseRNA polymerase can bind to the promoter
16. ________ refers to the specific characteristics displayed by an organismPhenotype
17. A DNA mutation that results in no change in protein product produced is termed asilent mutation
18. Spontaneous mutations arethe result of errors in the base pairing of nucleotides during replication
19. Mutagens such as 5-bromouracil cause mutations bysubstituting for one of the bases normally found in DNA
20. Photoreactivationuses light to activate repair enzymes
21. The fluctuation tests done by Luria and Delbruck showed thatresistance to antibiotics occurs spontaneously in bacteria

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