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Quiz 5


Question Answer
1. Oxidation is defined as the __________while reduction is the _________Loss of electrons, gain of electron
2. Organisms which get their carbon from other organisms areHeterotrophs
3. Digestive reactions where large molecules are broken down into smaller ones is calledcatabolism
4. Enzymes work byDecreasing the actvitation energy of the reaction
5. Holoenzyme consists of(a)an apoenzyme plus a cofactor (b)an apoenxyme plus a coenzyme (c)a protein and no protein component
6. Which statement is true about enzymesCoenzymes are organic molecules while cofactors are inorganic molecules
7. Factors that affect the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reaction includeTemperature, pH, substrate concentration, and enzyme concentration
8. Competitive inhibition of enzymes occurs whenthe inhibitor binds to the active site of the enzyme
9. Which of the following statements about enzyme inhibition is trueNoncompetitive inhibitors bind to a site other than the active site
10. Which one of the following pairs is mismatchedCarbon Dioxide-Glycolysis
11. During glycolysis electrons are initially transferred toNAD
12. In fermentation reaction occurring in yeast to produce wine, two products of the reaction are __________ and _________Carbon Dioxide...ethyl alcohol
13. The electrons transferred from acetyl groups in the Krebs cycle are transferred toBoth NAD and FAD
14. In the electron transport chain , the energy to make ATP comes directly fromboth FAD and NAD
15. ChemiosmosisForms ATP...occurs in the cell membrane of prokaryotes...and transfers electrons along transport chain and pumps protons out of membrane
16. The first Step in protein metabolism is the break down of proteins intoAmino Acids
17. The green sulfur and purple bacteria are capable ofcarrying out photosynthesis
18. what is returned to chlorophyll in cycle photophosphorylation that is not in noncyclic photoreductionElectrons
19. The initial breakdown of glucose in eukaryotic cell takes place inCytoplasm
20. A surfactantLowers the surface tension at the bacterium posterior end allowing Myxcoccus to glide

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