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1. Which of the following groups of organisms is not prokaryoticEukarya
2. Which of the following is not a common bacterial shapedisc
3. Bacteria which show a wide variety of shapes within a single species are said to bepleomorphic
4. While division in one plane produces cells in pairs, what does random division producegrape-like structures (staphylo-)
5. Which of the following cellular structures are found only in prokaryotic cellspili
6. Which of the following cellular structures can be found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cellsribosomes
7. Bacilli produce fewer arrangements than cocci becausecocci divide along several different planes while bacilli divide along a single plane
8. The outer (cell) membrane component of the cell wallcontains lipopolysaccharides
9. Peptidoglycan makes up more than 50% of a cell wallgram positive
10. Which of the following is true about bacteriaall bacteria cells are smaller than 100 micrometers in diameter
11. Penicillin controls the growth of bacteria byPreventing peptidoglycan synthesis
12. Which bacterial genus normally lacks a cell wallMycoplasma
13. In bacteria the cell membrane functions in all of the following ways exceptServes as the site for protein synthesis
14. The charged, phosphate end of a membrane phospholipid isHydrophilic
15. Genetic information in bacteriaIs found in chromatin (ie DNA condensed by histones)......wrong answer
16. Endospores are usually induced to form whenCertain nutrients are depleted
17. Which of the following structures is not normally part of a bacterial flagellumAnchor
18. Which of these statements about eukaryotic cell division is falseA single round of mitosis results in the production of four haploid cells
19. Mitochondria have a double membraneTrue

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