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1. Which of the following pairs is mismatchedFats–adehyde
2. The total number of protons in an atom is equal to it’sAtomic number
3. When sodium hydroxide, a strong base, is added to water, the pH level of the solutionGoes up
4. Two or more atoms combine to form aMolecule
5. Chemical reaction occurDuring metabolism as they are necessary for making the substance of cells
6. The atomic nucleus consist ofProtons and neutrons
7. What is true about atomic weightsAtoms of a particular element that have different atomic weights are called isotopes
8. When glucose is dissolved in water, the water is the _______________ and the glucose is the ___________Solvent- Water and Solute- Glucose
9. Solutions made up of molecules are not chemically bonded and are not limited to specific portions are calledMixtures
10. Ketones, alcohol, adehyde and organic acid are four of the organic compounds found in all living cells. What do these four classes of organic compounds shareThey are chains of carbon atoms with functional groups that contain oxygen
11. CarbohydratesAre used primarily for energy and cellular structures
12. Glucoseis abundant in milk and fruit
13. PolysaccharidesAre monosaccharide’s joined by glycoside bonds
14. Fatty acids that are __________have_____________Unsaturated a double bond between two carbons that have lost hydrogen atoms
15. Atoms are most likely to from ions when theyHave an even number of electrons in their outer shell
16. Chemical bonds found in living organisms do not normally includeMagnetic Bonds
17. Anabolic reactions tend toUse energy and produce new chemical bonds
18. Which of the following pH’s would indicate the weakest acid5
19. Organic molecules with the same molecular formula but different structures areIsomers

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