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migration netdifference number of people entering vs leaving country
immigrants vs refugeesimmigrants choose to move in permanently to a new country. refugees don't have a choice to move into the country
emigrantsa person who leaves their own country to permanently live in another country
natural acroissementnatality rate / mortality rate
zero croissancethe point on a graph where the natality rate is equal to the mortality rate


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degree of human diversitythe percentage of human diversity in an area
country of originwhere you come from
predominant originthe area where the most people come from


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dependence ratesratio between workers vs retired people
good things about retired peoplemore jobs, more peace, more wisdom
bad things about retired peoplemore taxes, less money, less political power


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population of canada isincreasing because of people leaving from quebec
natality ratetheNumberOfBornPeople / population * 1000
croissance pointrates of birth = rates of death
primary languagelanguage of someone's community
recensementsurvey of the detailed needs of canadians


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ethique cartierurban zone reserved for a culture
natural accroisementrate of death vs born
what makes a country diverseimmigration cultures and people
what is the "baby boom"a sudden increase of population


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points systema test that uses points to see if somebody should immigrate into a country
3 patron of populationslinear cause by a road of transportation, corlinear cause by a development that follows a board of the lake, concentrated caused by the groups of people on a natural resource
how do you use choroplethe map for businessuse information to find the products most needed and sell more of it
3 types of immigrationsfamily independant and refugee
good and bad things about immigration jobsgood. diversity, young people and more jobs completed bad. more taxes, more crime
patron of distributionthe way that population is distributed across an area



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good and bad things about diversitydifferent cultures and more ideas
causes of "baby boom" or "baby bustbetter economy and good natality rate. worse economy and worse natality rates
reasons why retire people is good/badgood. more jobs and less crime bad. more taxes and worse economy
3 forces that attract vs repel a person from countryattract. safety, free speech and more jobs repels. religion and killing


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seasonalitytemperature difference highest minus lowest temperature
latitudedegree away from equator, north pole is 90
seasonstemperature differences caused by the inclination on earth's rotation
jet streama path of strong air going all around the planet
water currentsoceans heated unequally causing mixing hot and cold waters to form an internal river
frontal precipitationcold air and hot air mixing to form clouds
relief precipitationhumid air going up mountains getting cold and precipitation
convection precipitationnormal precipitation. sun or other methods heating up the water
the windthe movement of horizontal air from zones of high atmospheric pressure to zones of low atmospheric pressure caused by the non-equal heating on the surface of the earth on a planetary scale or a local scale
hadley cellarea of winds hitting other winds

section 2

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solticenot equal
3 descriptors of climattemp seasonality
equinox dates22 march 21 september
solstice dates21 december 21 june
temperature impact of altitudemore altitude more cold
difference with climate and weatherclimate long time weather short time
el ninowhen the jet stream stops at equator
impacts of el ninocauses storms
moderator effect of waterlakes and other body of water lowers seasonality
jet stream impacts on temperaturewhen the jet stream is at the artique the temperatures are colder
continentalityhow close to a body of water


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crustsolid exterior of the earth devided into zones called tectonic plates
The jacketzone of rock in fusion magma devided into interior and exterior
The exterior corezone of transition between solid core and the liquid magma of the jacket
The interior corethe center, it is solid. Made of nickel iron and other heavy metals its a nuclear furnace that is 5000 degrees c
A faila type of mountain that looks cut straight
The big bangexplosion of forces of cosmic matter 13.8 million years ago
The pangeesupercontinent
Forces that make moutainsfail, straight. fold, bumpy. Volcanilism, volcano extrusif explodes turns into volcano intrusif, dries rocks.
Different erasprecambrian, formation. Paleozoic, the life. Mesozoic, plants and animals. Cenozoic, right now.
3 types of rocksignee, fused rocks. Sedimentary caused by erosion and dropped in the ocean. Metaphorphic, pressure and heat
2 types of ignee rocksintrusif, from the crust. Extrusif, from the surface of the crust
Sedimentary processerosion, transportation deposition compaction and cimentation
Rocks examplescalcaire, sedimentary. Granite, ignee. Coal to diamond, metamorphic

Geography regions, relief rocks and era


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bouclier canadienprecambrian, ignee, lacs and rocks, ontario quebec manitoba saskatuan alberta newfie labrador and nt
The plain cotier of arcticmesozoic, flat view with some hills, covered in ice, and no plants, yukon territories of north ouest nunavut
The low grounds of arcticpaleozoic, flat, sedimentary, and swamps, quebec ontario nunavut nw terr
The region of inuitsmesozoic, mountains middle aged sedimentary, nunavut
Region of the cordiercenozoic, sedimentary, high mountains, cold climate, bricol, alberta, yukon, nw terr
The interior plainespaleozoic, hills escapements mountages, forests vallees dunes, prairies grass, sedimentary, saskatuan alberta manitoba nunavut bricol nw terr yukon
The region of the appalachpaleozoic, old montagnes high or flat ground, forests islands ignee and sedimentary, quebec nova newbruis newfie islands
The low grounds of saint laurentpaleozoic, flat sedimentary escarpment, waterfalls, urbain, quebec ontario



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Eutrophisationmaking conditions for too much algue
Bioaccumulationprogressive accumulation of a substance in a organism
Pesticideschemical products that kill bad things
Charognardeats the animal leftovers
Detrivoreeats the plants leftovers
Organic stuffthe leftovers
Causes of acid rainindustrie, transport, mining, energy
Acid rain affectsground, vegetation, lacs, animals