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Question Answer
migration netdifference number of people entering vs leaving country
immigrants vs refugeesimmigrants choose to move in permanently to a new country. refugees don't have a choice to move into the country
emigrantsa person who leaves their own country to permanently live in another country
mortality rate vs natality ratemortality is the rate of people dieing. natality is the rate of people being born
natural acroissementnatality rate / mortality rate
zero croissancethe point on a graph where the natality rate is equal to the mortality rate


Question Answer
degree of human diversitythe percentage of human diversity in an area
country of originwhere you come from
predominant originthe area where the most people come from
why some areas are very diversethere are a lot of big cities that have jobs and the immigrants think of the big cities as being popular so they go there and meet other immigrants


Question Answer
population pyramidpyramid that is rotated and mirrored showing the male population on the right and female population on the left
dependence ratesratio between workers vs retired people
good things about retired peoplemore jobs, more peace, more wisdom
bad things about retired peoplemore taxes, less money, less political power