Max-Neef's classification of fundamental human needs

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Being (qualities) and having (things)

Question Answer Column 3
Subsistencephysical and mental healthfood, shelter, work
Protectioncare, adaptability, autonomysocial security, health systems, work
Affectionrespect, sense of humour, generosity, sensualityfriendships, family, relationships with nature
Understandingcritical capacity, curiosity, intuitionliterature, teachers, policies, educational
Participationreceptiveness, dedication, sense of humourresponsibilities, duties, work, rights
Leisureimagination, tranquility, spontaneitygames, parties, peace of mind
Creationimagination, boldness, inventiveness, curiosityabilities, skills, work, techniques
Identitysense of belonging, self-esteem, consistencylanguage, religions, work, customs, values, norms
Freedomautonomy, passion, self-esteem, open-mindednessequal rights

Doing (actions) and interacting (settings)

Question Answer Column 3
Subsistencefeed, clothe, rest, workliving environment, social setting
Protectionco-operate, plan, take care of, helpsocial environment, dwelling
Affection share, take care of, sexual activity, express emotionsprivacy, intimate spaces of togetherness
Understandinganalyse, study, meditate, investigate,schools, families, universities, communities,
Participationcooperate, dissent, express opinionsassociations, parties, churches, neighbourhoods
Leisureday-dream, remember, relax, have funlandscapes, intimate spaces, places to be alone
Creationinvent, build, design, work, compose, interpretspaces for expression, workshops, audiences
Identityget to know oneself, grow, commit oneselfplaces one belongs to, everyday settings
Freedomdissent, choose, run risks, develop awarenessanywhere