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Matthew CC

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Matthew Table

1Genealogy, Annunciation
2Birth of Christ
3Ministry of John, Baptism of Jesus
4Temptation, Call of 1st disciple
5beatitudes, Christ and Law
6Lord's prayer, Divine Provision
7Judging, Asking. Tests of true faith
84 Healings
9Palsied man, Woman w/ issue of blood, Jairus' daughter, 2 blind
1012 called and sent, Conflict of Gospel
11Question from John B., cities rebuked, Christ's yoke
12Picking grains on Sabbath, healing of the withered hand, casting out of demon, accused of demonic association
13Kingdom Parables
14Death of John B., Feeding of 5000, walking on the sea
15Nature of defiled things, Woman of Canaan, Feeding 4000
16Leaven of Pharisees, Peter's confession
17Transfiguration, Powerless disciples, money in fish's mouth
18Children and Kingdom, 99, disagreement w/ brother, unforgiving servant
19Divorce, Rich young man, 12 thrones
20Laborers and vineyard, Request of James and John, 2 blind men heald
21Triumphal entry, cleansing temple, cursing fig tree, 2 sons, wicked
22Wedding supper, 3 questions
23Condemnation of Pharisees
24Olivet Discourse
2510 virgins, talents, judgments
26Anointing in Simon's house, Plot to betray, Passover, Gethsemane, Arrest and trial
27Trial before Pilot, Death of Judas, Crucifixion
28Resurrection, Guards bribed

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