MatMed II - Midterm

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Question Answer
FuZiwarms the interior, hot, toxic, pungent, enters 3 jiaos, #1 to rescue from collapse, warms and dispels cold, warms channels, stops pain (Bi-SD)
GanJiangwarms the interior, hot, pungent, MJ, HT+LU, 2nd to rescue yang from collapse, dispels MJ-cold, transforms thin-phlegm in LU, also warms the uterus to stop bleeding
RouGuiwarms interior, hot, sweet, pungent, enters MJ and KID - can be used in chronic conditions. Can slowly help build Yang from Yin. Brings fire back to the source. Also fortifies KID-Yang and SP-Yang. Also alleviates pain.
WuZhuYuwarms interior - hot, sl. Toxic, bitter, pungent (very drying) - enters LIV and MJ. Stops vomiting, disperses cold in LIV-channels (for hernia)
DingXiangwarms interior - cloves - warm and pungent - stops hiccup (d/t ST-cold)
XiaoHuiXiangwarms interior - fennel - warm and pungent - for hernia in LIV-channels
GaoLiangJiangwarms interior - hot - for MJ-EPI-cold
XiXinwarms interior - warm, pungent, sl.toxic, enters KID+LU+HT - disperses EPI-cold, warms interior/dispels cold/stop pain, transforms thin phlegm in LU, open nasal cavities
XieBairegulate qi - warm, pungent, enters chest and MJ - 1) unblock Yang-Qi, dispel bi-blockage (for chest-bi SD); 2) regulate qi, reduce stagnation
MuXiangregulates qi, enter MJ, #1 for qi-stagnation in SP/ST/Intestines - stops pain (by moving qi) - warm, pungent - entra numa cacetada de channels: SP, ST, GB, SJ, LI. Also tonifies SP (by preventing stagnation?)
DaFuPiregulates qi, enters MJ, brings down qi, so promotes urination and therefore helps reducing water accumulation
ChenPiregulates qi, warm, pungent, bitter, aromatic, enters LU, SP/ST - better for thin type of phlegm-damp, treats damp-phlegm in MJ. Moves qi in MJ, dries dampness and transforms phlegm. Can also prevent stagnation of other cloying herbs
XiangFuregulating Qi - enters LIV - moves Qi to stop pain from stagnation in LIV-channels and organ. #1 for gyno too. It's neutral!!! If there's no pain involved, chai hu is better (for emotional problems). Xiang Fu is the "body", Chai Hu is the "soul" :). Actions: 1) soothe/move LIV-qi; 2) reg menses, stop pain
LiZhiHeregulating Qi - enters LIV - good to treat hernia in LIV-channels. It's warm, so hernias are d/t cold or qi-stag.
ZhiKeregulating Qi - enters 3 jiaos (SP+ST+LI ??), bitter, pungent, sl. cold - action in UJ is of chest-bi-SD (intangible phlegm)) - similar to sister but not as strong. Cannot move/break up masses as sister can. It's the ripe/mature, young brother of sister. It's sl. cold!!! Promotes flow of qi, cannot handle phlegm (in UJ) or food retention (in MJ) or feces retention (LJ).
ZhiShiregulating Qi - it's sl. cold!!! Enters UJ, MJ, LJ (LI+SP+ST - action in UJ is of chest-bi-SD (intangible phlegm)) - can move qi to reduce accumulations in MJ or LJ, but also treats intangible phlegm in UJ. It's also bitter, has descending action, helps purges. The strongest for LJ in this group.
ChuanLianZiregulating Qi. This is the coldest herb in this group, also enters LIV, also soothes LIV-Qi-stag causing pain. it's bitter, sl. toxic, cold, enters LIV+SI+ST+BL. Is aggressive, sl. toxic. So better to treat liv-qi-stag causing heat. Better for pain in channels. Can also kill parasite!
FoShouregulating qi - it's sl. warm, bitter, pungent, enters LIV+LU+SP/ST - buddha's hand in fist - good for LIV overacting on SP, it's gentle, a food. Harmonizes SP/ST, moves MJ-qi-stag
HouPoregulating qi - it's aromatic - warm, pungent, aromatic, enters LU+SP/ST+LI - also qi-stag in 3 jiaos, weaker than ZhiShi but stronger than MuXiang - work. Also good for phlegm in UJ, also dries dampness, also reduces accumulation. Supports ZhiShi
WuYaoregulating Qi - warm, pungent, enters LU, SP and KID - moves qi-stag, warms KID
QingPiregulating Qi - warm, pungent, bitter, enters LIV+SP+GB - immature peel, so stronger - very good for LIV-Qi-stag, specially with food retention - can reduce masses. Warmer than ChenPi. Has descending nature. Breaks-up stagnant masses d/t liv-qi-stag. Dissipates clumps and reduces food-stagnation.
Gu Yapromote digestion of starch, invigorates ST, increases appetite (he skipped)
JiNeiJinpromote digestion - the chicken one - sweet, neutral, enters SI+SP/ST+BL - treats KID/GB stones - but also invigorates SP and astringes urine/sperm
ShenQupromote digestion - it's sweet, pungent, warm, enters SP/ST - for fermented food, including alcohol. Should tonify SP
ShanZhapromote digestion - it's sweet, sour, sl. warm, enters SP/ST+LIV, better for fat/greasy, meat. #1 for indigestion. Can also move bl-stasis
MaiYapromote digestion - it's sweet, neutral, enters LIV+SP/ST - also for starch (as GuYa). Also stops lactation and soothes LIV-qi.
LaiFuZipromote digestion - it's pungent, sweet, enters LU+SP/ST - moves qi, gentle, transforms phlegm, safe to be used w/ seniors and kids.
XiaoJi stop bleeding by cooling - for urine and LJ bleeding - sweet, cool (cools blood, stops bleeding, reduces toxin/abscesses) - for urinary bleeding d/t HT-heat. Enters HT+LIV. Cool and sweet.
DaJistop bleeding by cooling - for urine and LJ bleeding, stronger than its little sister (cools blood, stops bleeding, bring down yang-rising, detox boils - for urinary bleeding d/t HT-heat. Enters HT+LIV+SP. Cool and sweet.
DiYustop bleeding by cooling - sweet, sour, cool, enters LIV+LI+ST - for LI /LJ/BengLou bleeding, specially d/t damp-heat (hemorrhoids). It's sour, cool, bitter - enters LIV+LI+ST (cools blood, stops bleeding, generates flesh topically)
HuaiHuastop bleeding by cooling - bitter, cool, enters LIV+LI - as its partner - for LI/LJ/BengLou bleeding, specially d/t damp-heat (hemorrhoids). It's cool, bitter - enters LIV+LI (cools blood, stops bleeding, cools liv - can be taken daily for this purpose)
CeBaiYestop bleeding by cooling - bitter, astringent, cool, enters LU+LIV+LI - for cough w/ blood - it's cool, bitter, astringent, enters LU (cools blood, stops bleeding, stops cough and expels phlegm, recover burns, treats hair loss)
BaiMaoGenstop bleeding by cooling - sweet, cold, enters LU+ST+BL - best for urinary bleeding - it's cool, sweet, enters LU+ST+BL (cools blood, stops bleeding, clears heat/promotes urination, clears heat from ST/LU)
SanQistop bleeding by moving blood - for any type of bleeding, #1 herb to stop bleeding - it's sweet(safe), sl. bitter, warm - enters HT+LIV - usually used only for severe bleedings, as it is expensive. Usually replaced by QianCao (stops bleeding, transforms stasis, reduces swelling, alleviates pain - herb of choice for traumatic injuries)
QianCaostop bleeding by moving blood - it's cold and bitter, enters HT + LIV (as SanQi) - very good for bl-heat with stasis - key herb for gyno. usually replaces SanQi, as it is more affordable (cools blood, stop bleeding, invigorates blood, dispels bl-stasis). It's gentle.
PuHuangstop bleeding by moving blood - (pó amarelo) - it's sweet, neutral, enters LIV+P - should be boiled wrapped. Used for threaten miscarriage w/ bleeding , it astringes and treats pain. Not so strong to remove bl-stasis (stops external bleeding associated w/ traumatic injuries, invigorates bl, dispels stasis, promotes urination and stops urinary bleeding
BaiJistop bleeding by astringing - it's sweet(safe), bitter, astringent, almost neutral. Enters LU+ST+LIV. Has an astringing and drying effect on blood, that's how it stops bleeding. It's like platelets. Better than CeBaiYe for bleeding cough in LU Can be used as a powder. (restrain leakage of blood, stop bleeding (LU + ST), reduces swelling, generates flesh)
XianHeCaostop bleeding by astringing - it's bitter, astringent, neutral. Enters LU+ST+LIV (as well). Can be used for any bleeding, but better for LU + Intestines bleeding. Also kills chong! (restrain leakage of blood, stop bleeding, alleviates diarrhea (restrains), kills parasites
ZongLuTanstop bleeding by astringing - charred, palm tree
XueYuTanstop bleeding by astringing - charred human hair
OuJiestop bleeding by astringing - it's sweet, astringent, neutral - lotus rhizome node
AiYestop bleeding by warming - Mugwort/Moxabustion/Artemisia Vulgaris - it's warm, bitter, pungent. Enters SP+LIV+KID - warms the uterus, stops bleeding, dispels cold, stops pain. Can also eliminate dampness and stop itching

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