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become - volverse (present)I become, you become, she becomes, we become, you become, they become /the student becomes a doctor.
become - volverse (past simple)became
become - volverse (tercera forma)become
be - ser, estar (present)I am, you are, she/he/it is, we are, you are, they are
be - ser, estar (past simple)I was, you were, she/he/it was, we were, you were, they were
be - ser, estar (tercera forma)been
begin - empezar (present)I begin, you begin, she/he/it begins, we begin, you begin, they begin
begin - empezar (past simple)began
begin - empezar (tercera forma)begun
break - romper (present)I break, you break, she/he/it breaks, we break, you break, they break
break - romper (past simple)broke
break - romper (tercera forma)broken
build - construir (present)I build, you build, she/he/it builds, we build, you build, they build
build - construir (past simple)built
build - construir (tercera forma)built
play - jugar (present) I play, you play, she/he/it plays, we play, you play, they play
play - jugar (past simple) played
play - jugar(past participle) played
do - hacer (present)I do, you do, she/he/it does, we do, you do, they do
do - hacer (past simple)did
do - hacer (pat participle)done
come - llegar, venir (present)come
come - llegar, venir (past simple)came
come - llegar, venir (tercera forma)come
go - ir (present)I go, you go, she/he/it goes, we go, you go, they go
go - ir (past simple)went
go - ir (tercera forma)gone
speak - hablar (present)I speak, you speak, she/he/it speaks, we speak, you speak, they speak
speak - hablar (past simple)spoke
speak - hablar (tercera forma)spoken
give - dar (present)I give, you give, she/he/it gives, we give, you give, they give
give - dar (past simple)gave
give - dar (tercera forma)given
buy - comprar (present)I buy, you buy, she buys, we buy, you buy, they buy
buy - comprar (past simple)bought
buy - comprar (tercera forma)bought
catch - atrapar, conger (present)I catch, you catch, she catches, we catch, you catch, they catch
catch - atrapar (past simple)caught
catch - atrapar (tercer forma)caught
choose - escoger (present)choose
choose - escoger (past simple)chose
choose - escoger (tercera forma)chosen

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