Maths Vocabulary

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National 4 and National 5 Mathematics


On this page you will learn some important vocabulary for Maths. Good Luck!

Maths Vocabulary (1)


Question Answer
Rotational SymmetryWindmills
Line SymmetryButterflies
Square Numbers1,4,9,16,25,36
Prime Numbers2,3,5,7,11,13
Kg in a Tonne1000 kg = 1 Tonne
RadiusLine From Centre of Circle to Edge of Circle
Diameter Distance Across Circle Edge to Edge Through its Centre Point
Centre of circleMidpoint of the Diameter

Maths Vocabulary (2)


Question Answer
MeanAverage = Total/Number
ModeMost Common
Median Middle of Ordered List
FactoriseBracketorise! (Use Brackets)
ml in a Litre1000 ml = 1 Litre
Quarter Turn Symmetry4 Windmill Blades
BearingsClockwise Angle from North
Round to 1 dp3.751 = 3.8 to 1dp

Maths Vocabulary (3)


Question Answer
Gross Wage/SalaryWhat you think you will get!
Net Wage or SalaryWhat you actually get!
DeductionsWhat others get - Tax etc!
Simplify a Fraction8/12=2/3
Parallel lineslines that do not meet
Scale FactorMultiply by it!

Maths Vocabulary (4)


Question Answer
Cuboid Volume?L x B x H
Prism Volume?V = A h
Mixed Number and Fraction2 3/4= 11/4
Decimal Fraction0.25

Maths Vocabulary (5)


Question Answer
BIDMASMultiply and Divide First!
3.2 – 5.7 + 8.44Add the Positives First!
Fraction Decimal %1/5=0.2=20%
PythagorasRATs Add for Longest Side!
Time CalculationsTime Jumps!
23% of 840 g23/100 X 840

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