Maths Vocab & Skills

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Question Answer
Rectangle AreaLength x Breadth
Triangle AreaBase x Height divided by 2
PerimeterAdd up all sides
Angles in triangleTotal 180 degrees
FXZEqual Angles Diagrams
RAT in SemicircleDraw this!
0.75 Fraction?Three quarters
0.25 Fraction? A quarter
Fraction?Bit over Total
Percentage?Bit over Total X 100
Probability?Bit over Total
Days in Year365 and 366
Days in MonthsThose with 30? SEP APR JUN NOV
23% of £30023/100 X 300= , use calculator
25% Fractiona quarter
Distance=? Use D = S X T
Speed?Use D = S X T
Time? Use D = S X T
Weeks in year52 weeks in a year
Rotational SymmetryWindmills
Line SymmetryButterflies
Square numbers?1,4,9,16,25,36 etc
Prime numbers?2,5,7,11,13 etc
Kg in a tonne?1000kg = 1 Tonne
Radius?Draw a radius
Diameter?Draw a diameter
MeanAverage = Total/Number
ModeMode = most common in list
MedianMiddle of ordered list
Factorisebracketorise! (Use brackets)
ml in a litre?1000ml = 1 litre
Quarter turn symmetry4 windmill blades
Bearings?Clockwise angle from North
Round to 1 dp3.751 = 3.8 to 1dp
Gross wage/salarywhat you think you will paid
Net wage or salarywhat you actually get paid
Deductionswhat others take! Tax etc
Simplify a fraction8/12=2/3
Scale Factor?Multiply by it!
Gradientvertical over horizontal
Cuboid Volume?LxBxH
Prism volume?V = Area x height
Mixed number and fraction2 3/4= 11/4
Decimal fraction0.25
BIDMAS?Multiply and divide first!!!
3.2 – 5.7 +8.44Add the positives first!!
Fraction decimal %1/5 = 0.2 = 20%
PythagorasRATs add for longest side!
Time calculations?Time jumps!
23% of 840g23/100 X 840=

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