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A mathematical sentence containing <,>Inequalities
The second number in an ordered pairY-coordinate
A monomial or the sum of monomialsPolynomial
A polynomial with exactly two termsBinomial
A collection of all the solutions for an equationSolution set
Happens when you find all the possible solutions for an equationSolve
A mathematical sentence that uses numbers, variables, operational signs and an equal sign Equation
Each monomial within a polynomialTerm
An expression that is either a number, a variable, or the product of a number and a variable with whole number exponentsMonomial
The first number in an ordered pairX coordinate
A set of numbers that you can use to replace a variable Replacement set
A replacement for a variable that makes an equation trueSolution
A polynomial with three termsTrinomial
Two equations with the same solution setEquivalent
Ordered pairX, y

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