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JuPi/ChenPi (aged tangerine peel, citrus)v. drying (bitter, warm, pungent), goes to and is equally important for MJ/UJ, it intensifies other herbs' actions, follower - best for thin type of phlegm or dampness - add this herb only if there's distending sensation (not so much for LIV-Qi-Stag) - pungent/bitter/warm/aromatic/LU+SP+ST - a) Regulates Qi, adjusts middle, relieves diaphragm - move Qi (regulate) - for Qi-stag of MJ (dampness impairing SP/ST); b) Dries dampness, transforms phlegm - for cough ( moves qi to move phlegm, but also dries dampness. In this case, you can use Ju Hong to treat phlegm); c) Helps prevent stagnation - used w/ tonifying herbs to prevent their cloying nature
QingPi (unripe tangerine peel, green tangerine peel)more aggressive (has more essential oil) -it's for masses, stronger than Chen Pi Treats both hollow organs and channels. Goes to surface. Better for cold. Mostly used for LIV-qi-stag causing hypochond pain or other LIV channel symptoms. Can also treat food retention (ST/SP). Has descending nature. Goes to LIV+ST ch - bitter/pungent/warm/GB+LIV+ST - a) Spreads LIV-Qi and breaks up stagnant qi; b) dissipates clumps and reduces stagnation (food-stag);
ZhiShi (unripe bitter orange)Cold herb! Like chen pi, but cold (Bitter/Pungent/Cold). Also descending, helps purges, assists DaHuang, enters the 3 Jiaos, the strongest for the LJ in this group. Use it if there's distention - Stronger than Hou Po for MJ/LJ or ST/abdominal distention. It's the first herb for intestines and MJ.- bitter/pungent/sl. cold/LI+SP+ST - a) breaks up stagnant qi and reduces accumulation;b) transforms phlegm, expels focal distension; c) also used for rectal/uterine prolapse, low blood pressure.
MuXiang ((wood fragrance) - costus root)pungent/bitter/warm/GB+LI+SP+ST+SJ - a) promotes movement of qi, stops pain; b) adjusts and regulates stagnant qi in the intestines (diarrhea/dysentery); c) strengthens SP, prevents stagnation
XiangFu (nut-grass rhizome)enters LIV and treats gynecological, for irregular period. Leading herb for liv-qi-stag and also gynec. disorders. Not very aggressive. - "moves qi within blood" - pungent/sl. bitter/sl. sweet/neutral/LIV+SJ+GB - a) Spreads and regulates LIV-qi; b) Regulates menstruation and alleviates pain (LIV-qi flow in gynecological disorders w/ signs of dysmenorrhea or irregular period);
ChuanLianZi (Sichuan chinaberry)treats LIV-Qi-Stag=>heat , focus more on collaterals than on organ, specially good if there's heat involved - bitter/cold/sl. toxic/BL+LIV+SI+ST - a) dredges LIV-qi, releases constraint, stops pain, conducts heat out from below; b) kills parasites and stops pain;
WuYao (lindera root)Good herb for qi-stag, treats cold - pungent/warm/BL+KID+LU+SP - a) promotes movement of qi and alleviates pain; b) warms the KID
FoShou (Buddha's hand)pungent/bitter/warm/LIV+LU+ST+SP - a) Harmonizes ST and strengthens SP - for ST/SP-qi-stag; (not so much) b) Spreads and regulates LIV-Qi; (not so much) c) Transforms phlegm, stops cough - for cough w/ copious phlegm;
XieBai (Chinese garlic, garlic chives)it's also slippery (benefits orifices) - Good for chest bi (HT-attack), often combined w/ GuiZhi for that - pungent/bitter/warm/LI+LU+ST - a) unblocks yang qi and disperses turbid phlegm; b) directs qi downward, reduces stagnation;
ZhiKe/Qiao (bitter orange)bitter/pungent/sl. cold/SP+ST+LI - similar to Zhi3 Shi2, but gentler - Just for qi-stag w/o phlegm/damp/food retention. Popular. a) Promotes flow of Qi (cough, distension, constipation);

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