Mat Med - Promoting Digestion and Killing Parasites and Opening Orifices

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Promoting Digestion

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ShanZha #1 for indigestion specially meat - also for bl-stasis - SP, ST, LIV, sour, sl. Warm - 1) eliminate food retention; 2) invigorate blood, remove bl-stasis. #1 to help digestion - sour, sweet, sl. warm / LIV + SP + ST - a) Reduces food stagnation and transforms accumulation: for accumulation due to meat or greasy foods with abdominal distention, pain, or diarrhea; b) Transforms blood stasis and dissipates clumps: for post- partum abdominal pain and cIumps due to bIood stasis. Also for bulging disorders; c) Stops diarrhea: the partially charred herb is used for the diarrhea of chronic dysentery-like disorders; d) Also recently used for hypertension, coronary artery disease, and elevated serum cholesterol.
JiNeiJin"chicken inner gold" - strongest herb, for KID/GB-stones - tonifies SP, treats KID-Xu (branch) - 1) Invigorate SP, eliminate food retention; 2) Astringe urine/sperm; 3) resolve stone (KID/GB)- sweet, neutral / BL + SI + SP + ST - a) Strongly reduces food stagnation and improves the Spleen's transportive function: for various types of food stagnation. Used alone for mild cases, used dry-fried and powdered. Also important in the treatment of childhood nutritional impairment; b) Secures the essence and stops enuresis: for bed-wetting, urinary frequency, and urination at night; c) Transforms hardness and dissolves stones: for stones in either the urinary or biliary tract.
ShenQusweet, pungent, warm, SP, ST - should tonify SP, good for indigestion d/t alcohol - 1) elminate food retention and harmonize ST - sweet, pungent, warm / SP + ST - a) Reduces food stagnation and harmonizes the Stomach: for Stomach cold with food stagnation or accumulation, with such symptoms as epigastric and abdominal fullness or distention, lack of appetite, borborygmus,and diarrhea; b) Also added to pills that contain minerals to aid in their digestion and absorption, as in ci2 zhu1 wan2 (Magnetite and Cinnabar Pill)
MaiYabarley sprouts, malt - for digestion of starch, tonifies SP, stops lactation - sweet, neutral, LIV, SP, ST - 1) eliminate food retention; 2) stops lactation; 3) shu xie LIV - sweet, neutral / LIV + SP + ST - a) Reduces food stagnation and strengthens the Stomach: for poor digestion due to stagnation and accumulation of undigested starchy foods, as well as poorly digested milk in infants. Also for weak digestion and loss of appetite in cases of Spleen deficiency. This strengthening function is rather weak; b) Restrains lactation: for women who are discontinuing nursing, or for distended and painful breasts; c) Facilitates the smooth flow of Liver qi: for constrained Liver qi manifesting as a stifling sensation and distention in the epigastrium or ribs, belching, and loss of appetite. It is a supplementary herb for these functions.
GuYastarch, invigorate SP, increase appetite - sweet, neutral, SP, ST - A) eliminate food retention, harmonize MJ - for food retention, indigestion: +mai ya; B) invigorate ST, increase appetite - SP-Xu + indigestion: +dang shen, bai zhu, chen pi
LaiFuZigentle, pungent, sweet, neutral, SP, ST, LU - 1) eliminate food retention; 2) move qi; 3) bring down qi and gently resolve phlegm, treat cough - Raphani Semen (radish seed) - pungent, sweet, neutral / LU + SP + ST - a) Reduces food stagnation and eliminates distention: for food stagnation accumulating in the middle burner with fullness and distention, belching with a rotten smell, acid regurgitation, or abdominal pain with diarrhea; b) Causes qi to descend and reduces phlegm: for chronic pro- ductive cough or wheezing. Most effective in cases due to excess. c) Recently used for hypertension, as in san1 zi3 yang3 qin1 tang1 (Three-Seed Decoction to Nourish One's Parents)

Open Orifices

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BingPian"crystal", good for sore throat, LOC - "ice slice", sl. Cold, HT + LU - 1) open HT orifices, clear mind. 2) clear heat, stop pain - pungent, bitter, mildly cold / HT + LU + SP - !)) Opens the orifices, awakens the spirit, and unblocks closed disorders; b) Clears heat, drains fire, resolves toxicity, clears the eyes, removes superficial visual obstructions, and stops pain; c) Clears heat, alleviates pain, dissipates nodules, and alleviates itching
ShiChangPuweaker, less aromatic, weaker for LOC - ascending, pungent, bitter, warm, aromatic - HT + ST - 1) open HT orifices, clear mind; 2) transform dampness (awakens SP), harmonize ST. not expensive. Used in chronic conditions. Opens HT-orifice d/t turbid phlegm, also soothes LIV, dislodges phlegm, calms spirit, awakens SP, promotes blood flow, reduces swelling. pungent, bitter, warm, aromatic / HT + ST - a) Opens the orifices, dislodges phlegm, removes filth, and quiets the spirit; b) Transforms turbid dampness, awakens the Spleen, and promotes movement of qi; c) Promotes blood flow and reduces swelling


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ShiJunZiQuisqualis Fructus (Rangoon creeper fruit with seed - "respected envoy seed") - sweet, warm / SP + ST - a) Kills parasites: especial for killing roundworms and pin-worms. Can be used by itself for mild cases; b) Strengthens the Spleen and dissolves accumulations: for childhood nutritional impairment and for abdominal distention, poor appetite, or weak constitution. Its sweetness makes it especially useful for children.
BinLangArecae Semen (betel nut) - pungent, bitter, warm / LI + ST - a) Kills parasites: While best for treating tapeworms, it is also useful in killing a wide variety of intestinal parasites including fasciolopsis, pinworms, and roundworms, as well as blood flukes. The ability of the herb to drain downward helps in expelling the bodies of the parasites; b) Promotes the movement of qi, reduces accumulation, and leads stagnation out by mildly draining downward and unblocking the bowels: for food accumulation and stagnant qi with abdominal distention, constipation, or tenesmus; c) Promotes the movement of qi and promotes urination: for damp leg qi and edema due to excess; d) Also used for malarial disorders.
KuLianPibitter, cold, toxic, LIV, SP, ST - kills parasites, roundworms, hookworms, pinworms. Enters LIV, doesn't enter LI - a) Kills parasites: primarily for infestation of roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms, but also for vaginal Trichomonas infections. This is a relatively strong and effective herb and can be used by itself; b) Also used topically for tinea (ringworms) infections. Can be used either as a wash or ground into a powder and made into a thick paste with vinegar
NanGuaZimild - sweet, neutral, LI, ST - 30-60g - kills parasites - tapeworms. a) Expels parasites and alleviates pain: for tapeworms and roundworms. Used as a stand-alone herb for this purpose (Kevin doesn't agree w/ only this for tapeworm). Also used for schistosomiasis; b) Also used for insufficient lactation.

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