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ChuanXiong (SiChuan Lovage Root)For any kind of bl-stasis. Can be combined w/ other nourishing herbs to prevent side effects of other herbs. Special at expelling wind, it's pungent, runs fast, it's light. It goes everywhere. A guide herb for headache, help other wind herbs. Can also go down to Uterus. More pungent than other moving herbs. In b/w dispersing wind and moving bl.- pungent/warm/LIV+GB+P - a) Invigorate Bl, promote movement of Qi - for any bl-stasis pattern. Also for pain/soreness in chest/flanks/hypochondria; b) Expels wind and alleviates pain - leading herb for any externally-contracted wind disorder w/ headache, dizziness, painful obstruction;
YanHuSuo (corydalis rhizome - extended barbarian rope)Special herb for bl-stasis pain. There're cases in which we have bl-stasis w/o pain, this is not good for this case. Bruises can be there w/o pain. Or purple swellings w/o major pain... To use this herb, we need fixed sharping pain. For relatively very severe cases. For Bl-stasis it is weak. It's good to tx the symptoms, not so much for SD patterns. Chuan Xiong for both if symptoms are headaches. - pungent/bitter/warm/HT+LIV+ST - a) Invigorates blood, promotes movement of qi, alleviates pain;
YuJin curcuma tuber (constrained gold)Special for HT-Bl-stasis, opens orifices. If there're HT signs. Huan-Lian could also be used to clear heat, not so much for blood. If symptoms severe, combine it w/ Huang-Lian. Special for LIV-Qi-Stag (depression), as Xiang Fu. Combined w/ Chai Hu, Bai Shao, Xiang Fu. Usually there should be heat signs. - pungent/bitter/cold/HT+LU+LIV - a) Invigorate blood, stops pain, promote movement of qi, resolve constraint; b) Clear heat and cools blood - for bleeding - for "inverted menses - dao4 jing1 - what's this???); c) Clear HT and open orifices - for hot-phlegm obstructing HT-orifices w/ symptoms as anxiety, agitation, seizures, mental derangement; d) Benefits GB and reduces jaundice
RuXiang (mastic ("milk fragrance"))The resin heals the tree, the same way it heals the skin!!! But can be used internally as well. Combine w/ San Qi for bl-stasis. Trauma almost always causes bl-stasis. - pungent/bitter/warm/HT+LIV+SP - a) Invigorates the blood, promotes movement of Qi - for traumatic pain d/t bl-stasis or early stages of carbuncles, sores, swellings; b) Relaxes sinews, invigorates channels, alleviates pain - for wind-damp obstruction, rigidity, spasms; c) Reduces swellings and generates flesh - topically
MoYao (Myrrh)It's also a resin, paired to Ru Xiang, very similar. Work as team. Can also be taken externally/internally. - bitter/neutral/HT+LIV+SP - a) Invigorates blood, dispels bl-stasis, reduces swelling, alleviates pain; b) Promotes healing;
WuLingZhi (flying squirrel feces)It's a poo, heavy in property. Very special for stasis. Take internally, focus on bl-stasis first, then pain Compared to Chuan Xiong, this one is lighter. More stubborn to tx one specific area of bl-stasis. Mostly for pain, trauma. Could also be used to tx pain. - bitter/sweet/warm/LIV - a) disperses bl-stasis and alleviates pain; b) transforms stasis and stops bleeding - for uterine bleeding and retained lochia d/t bl-stasis; c) also for childhood nutritional impairment w/ focal distension;
DanShen (Salvia Root)Not 1st herb used in practice. But always used to tx Heart (anginal, prevent HT-attack - used IV). - Not so used for gyneco. It's cold. Similar to Yu Jin but better for bl-stasis. Yu Jin soothes LIV. But both are cold, both clear heat from HT-blood. Not used topically: very good to help skin blood heat. Kevin uses a lot for skin heat type disorders. - bitter/sl. cold/HT+P+LIV - a) Invigorates Bl and dispels stasis - for wide variety of bl-disorders in any part of body, but mainly lower abd./chest/hypochondria; b) Clears heat and soothes irritability - especial for heat in ying-level causing restlessness/palpitation/insomnia/irritability; c) Cools blood and reduces abscesses (breast abscesses); d) Nourishes blood and calms spirit
TaoRen (peach kernel)Big herb for all kinds of bl-stasis. Special for pus in LU or Intestines. Should be combined w/ other herbs - bitter/sweet/neutral/HT+LI+LIV+LU - a) breaks up bl-stasis; b) moistens intestines, unblocks bowels - for constipation d/t dry intestines
HongHua (Safflower)also for bl-stasis everywhere. Special for uterus. Strongest herb in the whole group!!! Remove bl-stasis. Can cause bleeding if there's no bl-stasis involved! It should be used when a disease is stablished and known. Invigorate Blood - might not have a mass, just like blue lips. Use smaller dosages. Remove bl-stasis - concrete, breaks (mass, something in there). Use larger dosages. Can also be used topically. - pungent/warm/HT+LIV - a) Invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, unblocks menstruation;
NiuXi (achyranthes root - "ox knee")Very special. Similar to Sang Ji Sheng (for bi-sd). it can treat both excess and deficiency. Tonifies KID, but also treats bl-stasis. Used in seniors w/ bl-stasis. Special to guide other herbs to Uterus, b/c it induces downward (to knee as well). Moves bl-stasis in the lower part and also moves blood to downward. Not as strong as Hong Hua, it's gentle. Not so much used for menstruation disorders. - bitter/sour/neutral/LIV+/KID - a) Invigorates blood and dispels bl-stasis (prepared form); b) Clears damp-heat in LJ - for damp-heat pouring manifesting as knee pain or lower back damp painful obstruction. Also an auxiliary herb for painful urinary driblling or vaginal discharge. Especially useful for painful urinary driblling w/ stones accompanied by lower back pain and bloody urine;
ChuanNiuXi(from Si Chuan) - weather is cold, it's a cool herb. This one clears heat in the blood. To bring down.
HuaiNiuSinot so cool, better to tonify KID. Weaker to remove bl-stasis.
YiMuCao (Chinese Motherwort)Special for gyno. It doesn't tx other parts, it's more concentrated in the Uterus. It's gentle. Promotes urination also. Not used so much for men. Commonly used in gynecological disorders/especially indicated for co-existing edema + bl-stasis - pungent/bitter/sl. cold/HT+LIV+GB - a) Invigorates Blood and dispels stasis; b) Promotes urination and reduces swelling - for acute systemic edema - especially useful when there's blood in urine; c) Clears heat and resolves toxicity - sores, abscesses, toxic swellings. Or itchy-rashes from damp-heat.
JiXueTeng (Spatholobus root and vine - chicken (tonify) blood vine)Goes to the channels, to the limbs - blood in the channel). It's also for deficiency (blood) and excess. Gentle herb. - bitter/sweet/warm/HT+LIV+SP - a) Promotes movement of and tonifies Blood - for bl-xu patterns accompanied by abd. pain; b) Invigorates channels and relaxes sinews - for numbness of extremities or other signs of bl-xu or bl-stasis. Can be used in elderly w/ weakness of extremities/paralysis/vertigo d/t bl-stasis or wind-stroke;
EZhu (curcuma rhizome)Acts on Qi/Bl/Food Stagnation/Phlegm (b/c it enters LIV+SP) - bitter/pungent/warm/LIV+SP - a) breaks up bl-stasis, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain; b) dissolves accumulation, alleviates pain;
SanLeng (Sparganium)bitter/pungent/neutral/LIV+SP - a) Forcefully breaks up bl-stasis, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain; b) Dissolves accumulation - for severe abdominal pain and distention d/t food stagnation and stagnant qi;
ShuiZhi (leech)salty/bitter/neutral/sl. toxic/LIV+BL - a) breaks up and drives out bl-stasis and reduces fixed masses;
MengChong (horse fly)bitter/sl. cold/toxic/LIV - a) Breaks up bl-stasis and reduces abdominal masses while unblocking blood vessels; b) Dispels stasis, heals injuries, stops pain - for trauma-related injury;

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