Mat Med II - Warming the Interior

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Question Answer
Fu Zienters 3 jiaos (HT/SP/KID), for LOC, loose stools, cold hands/feet, Qi Bi blockage, Qi Tuo (separation), warms the body (saves action of KID for a while, but it's not a KID tonifier herb). Toxic, damages ZhengQi. Needs to be boiled 30-60' - Pungent, Hot, Toxic - HT+KID+SP - a) revives Yang, rescue from collapse; b) warms mingmen and assists Yang; c) disperses cold, warms channels, alleviates pain (for chronic Bi-SD)
Gan Jiang2nd to KID-Yang-collapse, also treats thin mucus in LU - enters LU/HT + SP/ST. Helps FuZi. Not so potent at dispersing as Sheng Jiang - Pungent, Hot, SP/ST + LU/HT - a) warms MJ, expels Cold; b) rescues Yang and expels interior Cold; c) warms LU and transforms thin mucus;
Rou Guimore for long-term chronic conditions. Enters LJ (KID) + LIV + SP. It's not toxic!!! It's pungent + hot + sweet (has a nourishing property!) - a) fortifies KID/SP-Yang; b) disperses deep-cold, warms channels, unblocks channels/vessels, alleviates pain; c) leads fire back to the source; d) helps generating qi/bl in chronic cases
Wu Zhu Yualso toxic, enters LIV and MJ. Good to disperse cold in LIV channels (hernia d/t cold). Also good for descending rebellious Qi. Extremely drying: hot + pungent + bitter + sl. toxic - a) warms the middle, disperses cold, allev pain; b) descends rebellious qi, stops vomiting; c) warms SP, stops diarrhea, expels cold-dampness; d) descends fire downwards
Xiao Hui Xiangfennel, for cold in LIV-channels - LIV, KID, SP, ST, warm, pungent - 1) disperse cold, stop pain (hernia); 2) regulate Qi, harm ST
Ding Xiangcloves - the HICCUP herb, for hiccups when ST is cold or neutral - warm, pungent. Enters SP/ST and KID. Also for KID-Yang-Xu. Has descending action, brings down ST-Qi
Gao Liang Jiangmilder than the others, for ST-abdominal pain d/t EPI-cold - hot, pungent, SP, ST - warm MJ, stop pain
Hu Jiaopepper, similar to Gan Jiang. Key herb in 2 formulas, it's hot, also toxic
Hua Jiaoor Shu/Chuan Jiao - pepper, hot, pungent, sl. toxic, SP, ST, KID, causes numbness. Kills worms. Treats cold (exc/def) in MJ
Xi Xinwarm, pungent, LU, KID - 1) disperse EPI (wind-cold); 2) disperse cold/stop pain; 3) warm LU, resolve thin phlegm; 4) open nose