Mat Med II - Tranquilizing

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Ci Shia metal, has iron, very heavy, strong for very severe conditions (manic disorders), can damage ST - combined w/ other herbs, can improve hearing/sight - should be decocted 30' longer - pungent, salty, cold, KID/LIV - 1) anchors/calms spirit; 2) nourishes KID/augments LIV/improves hearing and vision; 2) aids KID in grasping Qi
Long GuDU-20, very similar to Mu Li (but doesn't enter KID), but better to calm mind. A mineral, use 30g. Calms HT, Calms LIV, Astringes leucorrhea. - sweet, astringent, neutral, HT/LIV/KID - 1) settles anxiety/calms spirit (raw); 2) calms LIV/anchors and preserves floating Yang (raw); 3) prevents leakage of fluids (calcined); 4) topically for chronic non-healing sores/ulcers
Hu Pogentler than Long Gu for suppressing, resin - Zhong Zhen An Shen (heavily suppress to calm mind). Taken as powder, not decocted. Gently moves blood, and also treats stone Lin - sweet, neutral, BL/HT/LIV - 1) arrests tremors and palpitations/calms spirit; 2) invigorates blood/dissipates stasis/unblocks menses; 3) promotes urination/unblocks painful urinary dribbling; 4) reduces swelling/promotes healing
Suan Zao RenHT-7 - nourish blood and calm mind , also stop sweating (it's sour) - for deficiency type of insomnia, gently nourishes, Dui Yao w/ Bai Zi Ren. Weaker to stop sweating than Mu Li - sweet, sour, neutral, GB/HT/LIV/SP - 1) nourishes HT-Yin/augments LIV-blood/quiets spirit; 2) prevents abnormal sweating
Bai Zi Renfor deficiency type of insomnia, Dui Yao w/ Suan Zao Ren - together, they're first 2 herbs for insomnia d/t deficiency. But not first for sweating/nourishing yin. Also moisten LI (seed) - sweet, neutral, HT/KID/LI - 1) nourishes HT/calms spirit; 2) moistens intestines/unblocks bowels; 3) for night-sweats d/t yin-xu
Ye Jiao Teng"night connection vine" - same plant as He Shou Wu (so nourish a bit blood/KID-Yin). Treat Bi-SD (vine), similar to Ji Xue Teng. Added to support Suan Zao Ren/Bai Zi Ren in chronic insomnia - sweet, neutral, HT/LIV - 1) nourishes HT and blood/calms spirit; 2) nourishes blood/unblocks channels; 3) alleviates itching
He Huan Pi"Happy Together" - gentle, treats depression of HT-type (Yu Jin/Chai Hu are of LIV type) - sweet, neutral, HT/LIV - 1) calms spirit/relieves constraint; 2) harmonizes blood/stops pain/reconnects sinews/bones; 3) dissipates swellings/reduces abscesses
Yuan Zhi"Profound Determination", treats HT/KID-communication. For HT-intangible phlegm - upsets stomach. Better for excess type of insomnia, doesn't nourish. It's in b/w nourishing and heavy suppressors (stronger than suan zao ren/bai zi ren to suppress) - bitter, pungent, sl. warm, HT/LU - 1) calms spirit/quiets HT; 2) expels phlegm/clears orifices/stops cough; 3) reduces abscesses/dissipates swellings

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