Mat Med II - Stop Bleeding

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Question Answer
XiaoJi(small thistle) sweet, cool, LIV, HT - cool blood/stop bleeding, for LJ bleeding, bloody urine, bloody Lin SD, UTI, detox boils, helps urination - sweet/cool/LIV+HT - a) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: for any kind of bleeding due to heat in the blood leading to chaotic movement; b) Resolves toxicity and reduces abscesses: for sores and abscesses due to heat toxin. Used both internally and topically; c) Recently used for damp-heat jaundice, hepatitis, and hypertension;
DaJi(large (Japanese) thistle) - sweet, cool, LIV, HT, stronger, cool blood/stop bleeding, bring down Yang-rising (hypertension), detox boils - sweet/cool/LIV+SP+HT - a) cool blood, stop bleeding - for chaotic movement of hot blood; b) reduce swelling and generate flesh at sores - used topically for carbuncles, sores, swellings (fresh herb); c) treats hypertension (???);
DiYu(sanguisorba) bitter, sour, cool - cool blood/stop bleeding, for hemorrhoids/LJ/BengLou (astringes fluids, clears toxic heat), in formula to treat severe itching/atopic dermatitis - bitter/sour/sl. cold/LIV+LI+ST - a) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: especially for bleeding in LJ d/t damp-heat; b) Clears heat and generates flesh - applied topically for sores, ulcers, injuries from burn;
HuaiHua(pagoda tree bud) - bitter, cool, LIV + LI - ƒor damp-heat with blood in LI, hemorrhoids, bloody dysentery. - bitter/cool/LIV+LI - a) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: for damp-heat patterns of the Large Intestine when bleeding is present. Especially important for bleeding hemorrhoids and bloody dysenteric disorders; b) Cools the Liver: for red eyes, headache, and dizziness due to Liver heat. Can be taken as a daily beverage for this purpose;
CeBoYe/CeBaiYe (Chinese arborvitae biota) - LU, bitter, astringent, cool  - cools blood, stops bleeding, anywhere, but better to stop cough w/ blood, promotes healing of burns, treat loss of hair - bitter/astringent/sl. cold/LU+LIV+LI - a) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: widely used for various bleeding disorders; b) Stops cough and expels phlegm: for Lung heat patterns with cough and accumulation of phlegm. Especially important in cases of viscous, difficult-to-expectorate sputum streaked with blood. c) Promotes healing of burns: used topically in powdered form for the early stages of burns over a small to moderate surface area. Also used for hair loss.
BaiMaoGen(white grass) - sweet, cold, LU, ST, BL, cools blood/stop bleeding, any bleeding, anywhere, good for urine w/ blood (better than the sisters), promotes urination (not as good as fu ling) - sweet/cold/LU+ST+SI - a) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: for the chaotic movement of hot blood; b) Clears heat and promotes urination: for hot painful urinary dribbling and other heat patterns with edema and urinary difficulty; c) Clears heat from the Stomach and Lungs: for nausea and thirst due to Stomach heat, or wheezing due to Lung heat;
SanQi#1 to stop bleeding - sweet(safe), warm and s. bitter, LIV+HT ,used for severe bleeding b/c it's expensive, otherwise QianCao is picked. Also stops pain - (notoginseng root, pseudoginseng root) - sweet/sl. bitter/warm/LIV+ST - a) stops bleeding and transforms bl-stasis - for internal and external bleeding. It doesn't cause blood-stasis, so it's widely used; b) reduces swelling and alleviates pain - herb of choice for traumatic injuries
QianCao#1 for gyno bleeding. Cold and bitter, HT+LIV, cools blood to stop bleeding (for bl-heat w/ stasis) - (rubia root) bitter/cold/HT+LIV - a) cools blood, stops bleeding; b) invigorates blood, dispels bl-stasis;
PuHuang(pó amarelo) - LIV, P, sweet, neutral - boil wrapped, good for threaten miscarriage w/ bleeding, astringes and treat pain (w/ wu ling zhi). Not strong to remove bl-stasis - (typha pollen) sweet/pungent/neutral/LIV+HT+SP - a) stops bleeding - for external bleeding associated w/ traumatic injury; b) invigorates blood and dispels bl-stasis; c) promotes urination and stops bleeding - for hot painful urinary dribbling;
BaiJiLU, ST, LIV - bitter, sweet(safe),astringe, almost neutral - astringing and drying blood effect. Like platelets. Stronger than ce bai ye for bleeding cough in LU. Can be used in powder. - (bletilla rhizome) - bitter/sweet/cold/LU+ST+LIV - a) restrains leakage of blood and stops bleeding - mainly for bleeding from LU and ST. If traumatic injury bleeding, applied locally; b) Reduces swelling and generates flesh: applied topically for sores, ulcers, and chapped skin;
XianHeCaoLU, LIV, SP - bitter, astringent, neutral - LU/LI bleeding-astringe blood, kill chong (not strong), stop dysentery (kevin doesn't like) - (agrimony) bitter/astringent/neutral/LU+LIV+SP - a) Restrains leakage of blood and stops bleeding: widely used for various types of bleeding; b) Alleviates diarrhea and dysenteric disorders: for chronic problems, as this herb has a restraining nature; c) Kills parasites: for trichomonas vaginitis and tapeworm, as well as malarial disorders. Used topically for trichomonas vaginitis;
Zong Lu Tancharred, palm tree, astringe and stop bleeding
Xue Yu Tancharred human hair - stop bleeding, neutral, bitter
Ou Jielotus rhizome node - sweet, astringent, neutral, astringe to stop bleeding
AiYewarm, bitter, pungent - SP, LIV, KID - warm uterus, stop bleeding, dispel cold, stop pain. For cold from yang-qi-xu - (mugwort leaf, artemisia) - bitter/pungent/warm/SP+LIV+KID - a) Warms the Womb and stops bleeding: for prolonged menstrual bleeding and uterine bleeding due to cold from deficiency (used for restless fetus, lower abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding, as in threatened miscarriage. Also used for infertility due to a cold Womb); b) Disperses cold and alleviates pain: for cold abdominal pain, especially menstrual pain; c) Eliminates dampness and stops itching: decocted and applied as an external wash for a variety of skin problems marked by dampness and itching;