Mat Med II - Regulate Qi

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JuPi/ChenPi (aged tangerine peel, citrus)v. drying (bitter, warm, pungent), goes to and is equally important for MJ/UJ, it intensifies other herbs' actions, follower - best for thin type of phlegm or dampness - add this herb only if there's distending sensation (not so much for LIV-Qi-Stag) - pungent/bitter/warm/aromatic/LU+SP+ST - a) Regulates Qi, adjusts middle, relieves diaphragm - move Qi (regulate) - for Qi-stag of MJ (dampness impairing SP/ST); b) Dries dampness, transforms phlegm - for cough ( moves qi to move phlegm, but also dries dampness. In this case, you can use Ju Hong to treat phlegm); c) Helps prevent stagnation - used w/ tonifying herbs to prevent their cloying nature
QingPi (unripe tangerine peel, green tangerine peel)more aggressive (has more essential oil) -it's for masses, stronger than Chen Pi Treats both hollow organs and channels. Goes to surface. Better for cold. Mostly used for LIV-qi-stag causing hypochond pain or other LIV channel symptoms. Can also treat food retention (ST/SP). Has descending nature. Goes to LIV+ST ch - bitter/pungent/warm/GB+LIV+ST - a) Spreads LIV-Qi and breaks up stagnant qi; b) dissipates clumps and reduces stagnation (food-stag);
ZhiShi (unripe bitter orange)Cold herb! Like chen pi, but cold (Bitter/Pungent/Cold). Also descending, helps purges, assists DaHuang, enters the 3 Jiaos, the strongest for the LJ in this group. Use it if there's distention - Stronger than Hou Po for MJ/LJ or ST/abdominal distention. It's the first herb for intestines and MJ.- bitter/pungent/sl. cold/LI+SP+ST - a) breaks up stagnant qi and reduces accumulation;b) transforms phlegm, expels focal distension; c) also used for rectal/uterine prolapse, low blood pressure.
ZhiKe/Qiao (bitter orange)better than ZhiShi if there's just qi-stag w/o phlegm in UJ or qi-stag w/o food/feces retention - bitter/pungent/sl. cold/SP+ST+LI - similar to Zhi3 Shi2, but gentler - Just for qi-stag w/o phlegm/damp/food retention. Popular. a) Promotes flow of Qi (cough, distension, constipation);
MuXiang (wood fragrance)move qi to stop pain - #1 to tx ST/SP/Intestines-qi-stag. It's all about moving qi to stop pain, to harmonize, to regulate, to help SP - pungent/bitter/warm/GB+LI+SP+ST+SJ - a) promotes movement of qi, stops pain; b) adjusts and regulates stagnant qi in the intestines (diarrhea/dysentery); c) strengthens SP, prevents stagnation
ChenXiang (descending aromatic)made into power, it's aromatic - pungent, bitter, aromatic, warm - KID + SP + ST - a) regulate qi and stop pain; b) descend the perverse qi and stop vomiting; c) To strengthen the KID and stop asthma (moves qi downward. So it cannot tonify qi)
TanXiang (sandalwood)used when pain is #1 symptom - pungent, warm, aromatic - LU + SP + ST - a) regulate qi in SP/ST; b) dispel cold and stop pain in chest;
ChuanLianZi (Sichuan chinaberry)cold herb! Sl. toxic. not mild, can kill insects! Very common for LIV-Qi-Stag causing heat, but can also be used w/o heat. Focus more on collaterals than on organ, specially good if there's heat involved - Often combined w/ Yan Hu Suo - bitter/cold/sl. toxic/BL+LIV+SI+ST - a) dredges LIV-qi, releases constraint, stops pain, conducts heat out from below; b) kills parasites and stops pain;
WuYao (lindera root)Assistant to help move Qi-Stag in abd. It's warm, so treats cold attack in MJ, warms KID, disperses cold. Good herb for qi-stag, treats cold - pungent/warm/BL+KID+LU+SP - a) promotes movement of qi and alleviates pain in fu organs; b) warms the KID
LiZhiHe (leechee nut)Enters LJ, special for hernia (but needs to be combined w/ other herbs) - sweet, warm, astringent (Kevin's) - LIV+ST - move qi to stop pain; 2) disperse cold
XiangFu (nut-grass rhizome)#1 for liv-qi-stag, gyno disorders. Soothes LIV in both organs and channels (chai hu is more for emotional problems). It's neutral!. If there's no pain involved, use chai hu. If there's pain, use this one. Enters LIV and treats gynecological, for irregular period. Leading herb for liv-qi-stag and also gynec. disorders. Not very aggressive. - "moves qi within blood" - pungent/sl. bitter/sl. sweet/neutral/LIV+SJ+GB - a) Spreads and regulates LIV-qi; b) Regulates menstruation and alleviates pain (LIV-qi flow in gynecological disorders w/ signs of dysmenorrhea or irregular period);
FoShou (Buddha's hand)pungent/bitter/warm/LIV+LU+ST+SP - a) Harmonizes ST and strengthens SP - for ST/SP-qi-stag; (not so much) b) Spreads and regulates LIV-Qi; (not so much) c) Transforms phlegm, stops cough - for cough w/ copious phlegm;
XieBai (Chinese garlic, garlic chives)it's also slippery (benefits orifices) - Good for chest bi (HT-attack), often combined w/ GuiZhi for that - pungent/bitter/warm/LI+LU+ST - a) unblocks yang qi and disperses turbid phlegm; b) regulate qi and reduces stagnation;
HouPogoes to LU, MJ, LI - stronger than Mu Xiang for MJ, but weaker than Zhi Shi - Good for phlegm in LU (by moving Qi) - bitter, pungent, warm, SP, ST, LU, LI - 1) move qi; 2) dry dampness; 3) reduce accumulation/gathering;
ShiDibitter + neutral + ST - for rebellious ST-Qi causing hiccup.
DaFuPifor water, edema, gas in ST, dilated organs - pungent, sl. warm, SP, ST, LI, SI - 1) bring down qi; 2) promote urination to reduce edema