Mat Med II - Invigorate Blood

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ChuanXiong#1 for headache, essential to treat headache (not d/t LIV-Yang), most pungent in the group, goes down to Uterus, treats BI SD - pungent, warm, LIV/GB/P - 1) invigorate blood, promote movement of Qi; 2) disperse wind, stop pain
YanHuSuotreat mainly the symptoms of pain, it's a pain killer, better if symptoms are from bl-stasis. Also for liv-qi-stag (moves qi). Not so good to resolve bl-stasis - heavier than chuan xiong - pungent, bitter, warm, HT/LIV/ST - 1) invigorates blood, moves qi, alleviates pain
YuJin(means "golden depression") - #1 for depression, emotional disorder, jaundice - in b/w Chai Hu and Huang Qin (both emotions and GB/Jaundice) - special for HT-Bl-stasis with pain in chest/opens orifices - pungent, bitter, cold, HT/LU/LIV - 1) invigorate blood, stop pain, moves qi, resolve constraint; 2) clear heat/cools blood; 3) clear HT/open orifices; 4) benefits GB/reduces jaundice
RuXiangresin special for sprains/strains/trauma/pain ("Milk fragrance") - Dui Yao with Mo Yao - pungent, bitter, warm, HT/LIV/SP - 1) invigorates blood, moves Qi; (kevin disagrees) 2) relaxes sinews, invigorates channels, alleviates pain; 3) reduces swellings/generates flesh (topically)
MoYaoresin, Dui Yao w/ Ru Xiang, special for strains/sprains/trauma/pain - bitter, neutral, HT/LIV/SP - 1) invigorate blood/dispel stasis/reduces swelling/alleviates pain; 2) promotes healing (topically)
WuLingZhifor severe pain and visible type of bl-stasis - Dui Yao w/ Pu Huang (Shi Xiao San). Stops bleeding d/t bl-stasis. Bitter, sweet, warm, LIV - 1) disperses bl-stasis/alleviates pain; 2) transforms stasis/stops bleeding (w/ PuHuang); 3) for childhood nutritional impairment w/ focal distension (??)
DanShenprevent HT-attack, enters first HT/P then LIV - gentle and cool. Helps tx hypertension and popular for skin/swelling (w/ Dang Gui) - bitter, cool, HT/P/LIV - 1) activate blood/remove stasis/reg menses; 2) clear heat/soothe irritability; 3) cool blood/reduces (breast abscesses); 4) nourish bl (Kevin disagree)/calm spirit
TaoRentreats any kind of bl-stasis anywhere, move pus/brings new nourishment (in LU/LI), moistens intestines - Dui Yao w/ Hong Hua - bitter, sweet, neutral, HT/LI/LIV/LU - 1) breaks up bl-stasis; (treats LU and LI abscesses); 2) moistens intestines/unblock bowels
HongHuavery effective/aggressive herb. In small doses, moves blood. In large, breaks-up stasis. Really strong for pain d/t bl-stasis. Can treat HT-attack, strongest herb in the whole section. Dui Yao w/ Tao Ren - pungent, warm, HT/LIV - 1) invigorate blood/dispel bl-stasis/unblocks menses (amenorrhea)
YiMuCaospecial for gyno disorders. Weak to move blood/dispel stasis and promote urination - pungent, bitter, cool, HT/LIV/BL (or GB) - 1) invigorate blood/dispel stasis; 2) promote urination/reduces swelling; 3) (Kevin doesn't like it) clear heat/resolve toxicity
ZeLanalso for gyno, but as a support herb. As Yi Mu Cao, but warm. Bitter, punget, sl. warm, LIV/SP - 1) invigorate blood/dispel stasis; 2) promote urination
ChuanNiuXicool, so clear heat, like a river, bring down - moves more than HuaiNiuXi. Specially good for bl-stasis + heat. Guide herb downward (for fire w/ nosebleeding, toothache, swollen gum, heat from ST w/ blood involved). Bitter, sour, cool, LIV/KID - 1) invigorate bl/dispel stasis (reg menses??); (HUAI NIU XI- 2) tonify LIV/KID, strengthen bones); 3) induce downward movement of blood/fire; 4) clear damp-heat in LJ; (Kevin added for HUAI NIU XI: 5) promote urination/relieve Lin SD)
HuaiNiuXineutral, looks like bone, tonify KID. Specially good to bl-stasis + KID-Xu. Also promote urination. Bitter, sour, neutral, LIV/KID - (CHUAN NIU XI - 1) invigorate bl/dispel stasis (reg menses??)); 2) tonify LIV/KID, strengthen bones); (CHUAN NIU XI - 3) induce downward movement of blood/fire;) ?? CHUAN OR HUAI? 4) clear damp-heat in LJ; (Kevin added: 5) promote urination/relieve Lin SD)
JiXueTengchicken blood - a vine - good if bi sd + bl-stasis involved, very gentle - bitter, sweet, warm, HT/LIV/SP - 1) move blood/tonify blood; 2) invigorate channels/relax sinews
WangBuLiuseed, promotes lactation - bitter, neutral, LIV/ST - 1) move blood/invigorate channels; 2) reduces swellings
XIingJiangXiangpungent, warm, LIV/SP/ST - 1) disperse bl-stasis/stop bleeding; 2) invigorate blood/moves qi/alleviates pain
ZaoJiaoCipungent, warm, LIV/ST/LU - 1) detoxifies/discharge pus/invigorates pus/reduces swelling; 2) expels wind/kills parasistes
LiuJiNiuladies disorders - bitter, warm, HT/SP - 1) dispels bl-stasis/unblocks menses/alleviates pain; 2) reduces food-stag/transforms accumulations; 3) topically as powder for contusions/burns/bleedings
ZheChong/TuBieChonginsect, promote healing of tendon/bone, very severe condition - salty, cold, sl. toxic, LIV/HT/SP - 1) breaks-up bl-stasis/drives out bl-stasis; 2) knits together sinews/joins bones
MaQianZibitter, cold, toxic, LIV/SP - 1) unblocks channels/disperses clumps/reduces swelling; 2) unblocks collaterals/stops pain
XueJieosweet, salty, neutral, HT/LIV - 1) dispels bl-stasis/alleviates pain; 2) stops bleeding (topically); 3) protects surface of ulcer/generates flesh
SuMusweet, salty, pungent, neutral, HT/LIV/SP - 1) invigorates blood/reduces swelling/alleviates pain; 2) stops bleeding
EZhuDuiYao with SanLeng - better to move qi than blood - family of YuJin, but different species - bitter, pungent, warm, LIV/SP - 1) breaks-up bl-stasis/moves Qi/alleviates pain; 2) dissolves accumulation
SanLengDui Yao w/ E Zhu - this is neutral, but more aggressive - better to move blood than qi - move food retention- bitter, pungent, neutral, LIV/SP - 1) forcefully breaks-up bl-stasis/moves Qi/alleviates pain; 2) dissolves accumulation
ShuiZhivery similar to 2 other bugs - for very very severe amenorrhea/abd masses - powder is stronger - salty, bitter, neutral, sl. toxic, LIV/BL - 1) breaks-up bl-stasis/drives out bl-stasis/reduces masses
MengChonginsect/horse fly, sucks blood, very similar to 2 other chongs - bitter, cool, toxic, LIV - 1) breaks-up bl-stasis/reduces abdominal masses/unblocks blood vessels; 2) dispels stasis/heals injuries/stops pain

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