Mat Med II - Dissolve Phlegm and Relieve Cough

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Ban Xia#1 herb for very productive, thin, copious cold type of phlegm (both tangible and intangible) and dampness. #1 herb for nausea and vomit. - very warm, very drying - pungent, warm, toxic. Jiang => for nausea/vomit. Fa => for phlegm, LU/SP/ST - pungent, warm, toxic, (bitter), LU/SP/ST - 1) dries dampness/transf phlegm/descends (LU) rebellious qi; 2) descends (ST) rebellious qi/stops vomit
Tian Nan Xingstronger than Ban xia, treats wind-phlegm (chronic deviation…). Raw only externally. Very toxic. - bitter, pungent, warm, toxic, LIV/LU/SP - 1) dries damp/expels phlegm; 2) disperses wind-phlegm/stops spasms; 3) reduces sweeling/alleviates pain
Dan Nan Xingit's tian nan xing prepared with bile. It's cold, treats phlegm-heat. More aggressive than tian nan xing
Bai Fu ZiAlso aggressive, key herb for wind-phlegm, but less aggressive than the other. Good for spasm. If raw, only external. (it's sweet) - pungent, sweet, warm, toxic, LIV/SP/ST - 1) dries dampness/transf phlegm/expels wind/stops spasms; 2) detoxifies/dissipates nodules; 3) dries dampness/stops pain/itching
Bai Jie Zispice, a seed, key herb for nodules ("phlegm beneath skin"). Also treats mild cough (mild herb), for seniors - opens channels and stops pain - pungent, warm, LU - 1) warms LU/regulates Qi/expels phlegm; 2) moves Qi/disperses clumps/unblocks collaterals/stops pain
Xuan Fu Huastrong descending action, decocted separately. Brings down ST-Qi. Not really for phlegm/cough/asthma - bitter, pungent, salty, sl. warm, LIV/LU/ST/ST - 1) reduces phlegm/dissipates accum of water; 2) brings qi downward/stops vomitting
Bai Qiangentle/mild, maybe the mildest for phlegm/cough, for both heat and cold. It's sweet and almost neutral - pungent, sweet, sl. warm, LU - 1) brings qi downward/dispels phlegm/stops cough
Chuan Bei Mu#1 for dry/heat-cough (the most popular herb for cough), lubricates LU (it's sweet) - also treats dry/sticky yellow phlegm - not as strong as ban xia on CNS - descending (bitter) - in the middle of treating cough and a bit of phlegm - bitter, sweet, cool, HT/LU - 1) clears heat/transf phlegm; 2) clears heat/dissipates nodules
Zhe Bei Mu#1 for nodules/scrofula/goiter w/ phlegm-heat type (otherwise, ban xia); treats productive/yellow cough - colder than Chuan Bei Mu - - bitter, cold, HT/LU - 1) clears heat/transf phlegm-heat; 2) clears heat/dissipates nodules
Gua Loutreats "profuse"-yellow-heat-thick type of phlegm - regulate qi in the chest - better for phlegm but worse for cough than Chuan Bei Mu. Together (Dui Yao) they treat productive yellow phlegm, asthma w/ phlegm (chuan bei mu is too weak for asthma). Quan (whole)=cough first; Zi/Ren - lubricates dryness, helps move out pus (breast/intestinal abscesses); Pi - edema - sweet, cold, LI/LU/ST - 1) clears heat/transf phlegm-heat; 2) unbinds chest/dissipates nodules
Zhu Ruthe only cool herb for nausea/vomit (for dry vomit w/ heat signs), treats GB-fire/unquietness - sweet, cool, LU/ST/GB - 1) clears (LU/GB)heat/transf phlegm-heat; 2) clears heat/stops vomiting
Qian Hudisperses (pungent) and descends (bitter) - 2 hu for epi (chai hu + qian hu), 2 qian for mild cough/phlegm (bai qian + qian hu) - stronger than bai qian - bitter, pungent, cold, LU - 1) brings qi-downward/dispels phlegm; 2) disperses/scatters wind-heat
Jie Gengneutral, elevator, helps LU expectorate d/t to its ascending fnct, #1 guiding herb to the upper, 2-treats cough w/ profuse phlegm (helps expectorate); 3- regulates water passageways (by removing lid, water flows downwards); 4- removes chronic pus (LU/throat abscesses); 5- guiding herb to sore throat - bitter, pungent, neutral, LU - 1) opens-up and disseminates LU-qi/dispels phlegm/benefits throat; 2) expels pus; 3) opens up and raises LU-qi/guides to the upper
Hai Fu Shiclears heat in LU, resolves phlegm, softens hardness, releases nodules - salty, cold, LU - 1) transforms stubborn phlegm/cools LU-heat/disperses clumps
Hai Ge Kesimilar to hai fu shi, for heat-type of phlegm in LU, dissipates nodules, softens masses - bitter, salty, cold, LU/ST - clears heat/transf phlegm; 2) softens hardness/dissipates nodules; 3) promotes urination/expels dampness; 4) controls acidity/stops pain;
Qiao Hai Zaofor phlegm of goiter type, doesn't treat phlegm in LU. Cannot be combined w/ Gan Cao - Dui Yao w/ Kun Bu - bitter, salty, cold, KID/LIV/LU/ST - 1) reduces phlegm/softens hardness; 2) promotes urination/reduces edema
Kun Bufor phlegm of goiter type, doesn't treat phlegm in LU - Dui Yao w/ Qiao Hai Zao - salty, cold, KID/LIV/ST - 1) reduces phlegm/softens hardness; 2) promotes urination/reduces swelling
(Ku) Xing Renbetter for cough, not so much for phlegm, suppress cough, treats asthma. Slightly toxic (<=10 seeds for children). As Ma Huang, also treats asthma, but Ma Huang doesn't treat cough (XingRen does). Also lubricates intestines. Dui Yao w/ ZiSuZi - bitter, sl. warm, sl. toxic, LU/LI - 1) stops cough/calms wheezing; 2) moistens intestines/unblocks bowels
(Zi) Su Zidui yao w/ Xing Ren, better for phlegm than Xing Ren, but still good for cough. Not as drying/aggressive as ban xia, and not for profuse phlegm as ban xia. It "hua tan" (dissolves phlegm) - pungent, warm, LU/LI - 1) stops cough/calms wheezing; 2) moistens intestines/unblocks stools
Bai Buneutral, gentle, for both cough and asthma, topically/introduced in LI for paraistes - sweet, bitter, sl. warm, LU - 1) moistens LU/stops cough; 2) expels parasites/kills lice
Zi Wangentle but stronger than bai bu - warm but moistens lung - better for phlegm than cough - for chronic cough and phlegm stuck inside - pungent, bitter, sl. warm, LU - 1) relieves cough/expels phlegm
Kuan Ddong Huagentle, better for cough than phlegm, but moistens phlegm also. Not strong enough for profuse phlegm - pungent, warm, LU - 1) moistens LU/directs qi downward/stops cough/transf phlegm
Ma Dou Lingbell hanging on the horse, not mild, not aggressive, stop/suppress wheezing - bitter, sl. pungent, cold - a) Clears LU to transform phlegm - for cough w/ dyspnea d/t LU-heat; b) Stops cough and calms panting - for cough w/ dyspnea d/t LU-heat; c) Clears intestines and cures hemorrhoids - for hemorrhoids w/ swelling pain or bleeding; d) Clears heat and calms LIV - for hypertension d/t ascendant hyperactivity of LIV yang
Pi Pa Ye it's neutral, gentle, as gentle as the 3 gentle herbs (kuang dong hua, zi wan, bai bu), treats skin rash - bitter, neutral, LU/ST - 1) transf phlegm/clears LU-heat/redirects LU-Qi downward; 2) harmonizes ST/clears ST-heat/redirects ST-Qi downward
Sang Bai Pi treats phlegm-heat, "xia qi" (purge LU-Qi downward to treat edema), purges similar to but weaker than HuangQin, also treats bacteria. Half huang qin, half gua lou. Slightly promote urination to treat yang type of edema, feng shui - sweet, cold, LU - 1) drains LU-heat/stops cough/calms wheezing; 2) promotes urination/reduces edema; 3) tx hypertension
Ting Li Ziextremely cold, for very severe conditions, purges water downward from UJ, promotes urination, reduces water accumulation in LU/chest/skin - pungent, bitter, very cold, LU/BL - 1) drains LU/reduces phlegm/calms wheezing; 2) moves water/reduces edema

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