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ShiJueMing - abalone shellgood for red-eyes d/t LIV-Yang/Fire - needs to be boiled for longer - salty, cold / KID + LIV - subdues LIV-Yang, benefits eyes, treats hypertension - a) Drains Liver fire and anchors and sedates the Liver yang: for Liver fire and ascendant Liver yang patterns with such symptoms as headache, dizziness, and red eyes. Commonly used for hypertension with ascendant Liver yang; b) Improves the vision and causes superficial visual obstructions to recede: for Liver heat patterns that affect the eyes causing photophobia, pterygium or other superficial visual obstructions, red eyes, and blurred vision; c) Recently also used for increased gastric acidity, and, topi- cally, for bleeding due to trauma.
Zhen Zhu Mu - pearl shellcolder than shi jue ming, goes not only to LIV but also to HT. It calms the spirit. Subdues LIV-Yang, benefits eyes, calms spirit, stops bleeding from upper part
MuLi - Oyster Shellenters LIV+KID, mild cold. It's salty, so softens masses, used for scrofula in the neck. In KID, Astringes essence. Calms spirit, anchors floating yang, prevents leakage of fluids, softens nodules, - Salty, astringent, cool / LIV + KID - a) Heavily settles and calms the spirit: for palpitations with anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia; b) Benefits the yin and anchors the floating yang: for irritability, insomnia, dizziness,headache, tinnitus, blurred vision, bad temper, or a red, flushed face due to yin deficiency with ascendant yang. c) Prevents leakage of fluids: for continuous sweating in patients with steaming bone disorder or in the aftermath of a warm-heat pathogen disease. Also used as an astringent for spontaneous sweating, nightsweats, nocturnal emis- sions, spermatorrhea or vaginal discharge, and uterine bleeding due to deficiency; d) Softens hardness and dissipates nodules: for various kinds of lumps. Particularly useful for lumps in the neck such as scrofula and goiter; e) Absorbs acidity and alleviates pain: used in calcined form for excessive Stomach pain with a sour taste in the mouth.
DaiZheShi - Hematitehas iron, v. heavy, goes to LIV + HT. Treats rebellious-Qi, diaphragm spasms. Stronger than other herbs, it's bitter. Anchors LIV-Yang, descends rebellious qi, cools blood and stops bleeding - bitter, cold / HT + LIV + P - a) Sedates and anchors the Liver yang and clears Liver fire: for ascendant Liver yang with such signs as dizziness, vertigo, headache, sensation of pressure around the eyes, or tinnitus. b) Strongly directs rebellious qi downward: for such symptoms as belching, vomiting, hiccough, and acute wheezing. c) Cools the blood and stops bleeding: for vomiting of blood and nosebleeds. While primarily used for bleeding due to hot blood, it can also be used for bleeding due to cold from deficiency when combined with other appropriate herbs. Can be used by itself for this purpose.
Bai Ji Li - a plant!not strong, it's neutral, good for liv-qi-stag, closer to chai hu than to xiang fu. Anchors Yang, dredges LIV-Qi to smooth its flow, dispels wind-heat and brightens eyes, dispels wind and stops itching - pungent, bitter, neutral - LIV - a) Calms the Liver and anchors the yang: for headache, vertigo, or dizziness from ascendant Liver yang; b) Dredges the Liver qi to smooth its flow while dispersing constraint and clumping: for pain and distention in the chest or flanks, irregular menstruation, or insufficient lac- tation, from constrained Liver qi; c) Dispels wind-heat and brightens the eyes: for red, swollen, and painful eyes as well as increased tearing; d) Dispels wind and stops itching: for any kind of skin lesion with significantitching, such as hives. Also used for vitiligo, sometimes as a stand-alone herb.
GouTeng -uncaria vinesl. cold, descending, good for convulsion, but not strong (needs to be combined w/ other herbs) - pacify wind, stop spasm, subdue liv-yang, release exterior - sweet, sl. cold / P, LIV - a) Extinguishes wind and alleviates spasms: for patterns of Liver heat with internal stirring of Liver wind with such symptoms as tremors, seizures, and eclampsia. b) Drains Liver heat and pacifies Liver yang: for Liver fire and ascendant Liver yang patterns with such symptoms as headache, irritability, red eyes, and dizziness. Recently used for hypertension, especially of this type c) Releases the exterior: for exterior wind-heat patterns with such symptoms as fever, headache, and red eyes
TianMa - "heavenly hemp"#1 for LIV-Wind/Yang symptoms - very special, it's neutral! Treats hypertension, AMAZING herb, great for motion sickness. Good for numbness, tingling. Very safe: sweet + neutral - pacifies wind, controls spasms, alleviates pain, disperses BI, sweet, neutral / LIV - a) Calms the Liver, extinguishes wind, and controls spasms and tremors: a very important herb for treating internal stirring of Liver wind, whether caused by heat or cold. Used for headache, dizziness, childhood convulsions, epilepsy, tonic-clonic spasms, opisthotonos, tetany, and wind-stroke; b) Extinguishes wind and alleviates pain: for headaches, dizziness, and migraine headaches that occur with wind-phlegm patterns. Also used for wind-stroke with hemiplegia, dizziness, and numbness in the extremities. Can be used for both excessive and deficient conditions; c) Disperses painful obstruction: for wind-damp painful obstruction with pain and numbness of the lower back and extremities;
DiLong - earthwormcold herb, drains heat, settles convulsions, pacifies wind, stops spasms, unblocks channels, calms wheezing (asthma) d/t LU-heat, promotes urination, treats hypertension - salty, cold / BL + LIV + LU + SP - a) Drains heat, settles convulsions, extinguishes wind, and stops spasms: for extremely high fever leading to changes in consciousness, incoherent speech, convulsions, and seizures. Can be used alone. Recently also used for schizophrenia of the hot-manic type. b) Clears heat and unblocks and promotes movement in the channels and collaterals:for swollen and painful joints with reduced range of motion. Most commonly used for hot painful obstruction, but can also be used for cold painful obstruction with the addition of other appropriate substances. Also used for hemiplegia due to lack of flow in the channels, such as the sequelae of wind-stroke. c) Clears heat and calms wheezing: for wheezing, especially due to Lung heat. Can be taken by itself for this purpose, either as a powder ingested directly (or in capsules) or the fresh product can be decocted with the addition of sugar to form a syrup. d) Clears heat and promotes urination: for hot painful urinary dribbling, and in severe cases, edema. Especially useful for problems associated with heat clumping in the Bladder with urinary difficulty or inability to urinate. Can be used by itself for this purpose. e) Also used recently for hypertension associated with ascendant Liver yang patterns.
QuanXie - Scorpionone of the strongest herbs to unblock channels, stops spasms, it's toxic but detoxifies, it's neutral. Pacifies wind, stops tremors/convulsions, unblocks collaterals, stops pain, detoxifies - salty, acrid, neutral, toxic / LIV - a) Extinguishes wind and stops tremors and convulsions: for Liver wind and phlegm patterns with such symptoms as spasms, acute or chronic childhood convulsions, tetany, opisthotonos, tics, muscular tetany, and seizures. This is one of the more effective wind-extinguishing substances; b) Tracks down wind, unbloclcsthe collaterals, and stops pain: for stubborn headaches (including migraines) and painful obstruction; c) Attacks and resolves fire toxicity and dissipates nodules: used topically for toxic sores, swellings, and scrofula in accordance with the maxim "Use toxin to attack toxin."
WuGong - centipedealmost like QuanXie, but warmer. pacifies wind, stops spasms, convulsions, detoxifies, unblocks collaterals - acrid, warm, toxic / LIV - a) Extinguishes wind and stops spasms and convulsions: for acute and chronic childhood convulsions, opisthotonos, lockjaw, and seizures; b) Attacks toxin and dissipates nodules: used topically for toxic nodules in general including sores, carbuncles, and neck lumps. Also used for poisonous snakebite; c) Unblocks the collaterals and stops pain: for stubborn head- aches (including migraines) and painful obstruction;
JiangCan - silkwormSafe herb - controls wind, stops spasms, dispels wind, stops pain, used for facia paralysis/bell's palsy. Can also be used for sore throat. - acrid, salty, neutral / LIV + LU - a) Extinguishes wind and stops spasms and convulsions: for childhood convulsions or facial paralysis. Also used for seizures from either internal stirring of Liver wind or wind- phlegm-heat, especially the latter. b) Dispels wind, disperses wind-heat, and stops itching and pain: for headache, red eyes, and sore, swollen throat, as well as itching skin lesions such as wind rash, from either externally-contracted wind-heat or Liver wind. Also used for loss of voice. c) Transforms phlegm, softens what is hard, and dissipates nodules: for phlegm-heat scrofula and other phlegm nodules. d) Expels wind and stops itching: for itching skin lesions such as wind rash.

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