Mat Med 3 - Tonify Qi

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Tonify Qi

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Ren Shensweet, sl. warm, LU, SP - 1) replenish qi, strengthen yang; 2) tonify SP and LU Qi; 3) promote BF and relieve thirst (tonifies Qi to generate BF); 4) calms HT (qi makes CNS respond better) - Bensky's: 1) tonify Yuan Qi; 2) strengthen SP/ST; 3) tonify LU/augment Qi; 4) generate fluids/stop thirst; 5) benefit HT-Qi/Calm Shen
Xi Yang Shenamerican ginseng - sweet and cold, HT. Used when yin and qi are both damaged. 1) replenish qi and promote BF; 2) nourish yin and clear heat (not so much clear heat)
Dang Shensweet, neutral, LU, SP - better for chronic diseases than ren shen 1) replenish qi; 2) tonify qi to nourish BF/Blood - Bensky's: 1) tonify MJ/augment Qi; 2) tonify LU-Qi; 3) support ZhengQi
Tai Zi Shensweet, neutral, LU, SP - 1) replenish qi and promote BF - Bensky's: 1) strengthen SP/augment Qi; 2) generate fluids
Huang Qisl. warm, sweet, LU, SP - ascending, tonifies both SP/LU, nourishes Yin. 1) replenish qi and raise yang; 2) strengthen wei qi, harmonize ying and wei (expels pathogen, closes pores); 3) release toxins, discharge pus; 4) tonify Qi to promote urination and regulate water metabolism/reduce edema - Bensky's: 1) tonify Qi/Blood; 2) tonfiy SP/raise Yang; 3) augment Wei Qi/stabilize exterior; 4) promote urination/reduce edema; 5) discharge pus/generage flesh
Bai Zhubitter, sweet, warm, SP, ST, LU (indirectly) - 1) Replenish qi an tonify SP; 2) resolve/dry dampness; 3) stop sweating; 4) calm fetus - Bensky: 1) tonify SP/ augment Qi; 2) dry dampness/promote water metabolism; 3) stabilize exterior/stop sweating; 4) calm fetus
Shan Yaosweet, neutral, SP, LU , KID - tonify Qi and Yin - 1) strengthen SP/ST; 2) tonify LU and KID - 1) tonify SP/ST; 2) tonify LU-Qi, nourish LU-Yin; 3) tonify KID
BaiBianDousweet, sl. warm, SP, ST - 1) strengthen SP and transform dampness
Gan Caosweet, neutral/warm - HT, LU, SP, ST - 1) tonify SP, replenish Qi; 2) moisten the lungs and stop coughs; 3) relax spasms and stop pain; 4) moderate the action of herbs; 5) reduce fire and release toxins;
DaZaosweet, warm, SP, ST - food therapy - 1) replenish Qi in MJ; 2) nourish blood, calm mind; 3) moderate action of other herbs - sweet/warm/SP+ST - gentle herb - a) Tonify SP, augment Qi; b) Nourish Bl, calm Shen; c) Moderate/Harmonize actions of other herbs
FengMifor Qi (tonify) and Yin (moisten) - sweet, neutral, SP, LU, LI - 1) tonify Qi, stop pain; 2) moisten LU to stop cough; 3) moisten LI to unblock bowels; 4) externally, detoxifies

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