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Question Answer
BingPiangood for sore throat, LOC-sl. cld, HT/LU-1) open HT orif., clear mind. 2) clear heat, stop pain (for  red swollen, painful eyes, sore throat or mouth ulcer)
ShiChangPuweaker, less arom., weaker for LOC-asc., png, bit., wrm, arom.-HT/ST-1) open HT orif., clear mind 2) transf. damp (awakens SP), harm. ST.
ShiJueMinggood for red-eyes d/t LV-Yang/Fire-need to be boiled for longer-salty, cld / KD/LV-subdue LV-Yang, ben. eyes, tx hypertension-1) anchor LV-Yang ( heavy, shell, salty(ben. KD, source of LV-Yang-rise)) 2) drains LV-fire ( heavy & cld, salty(ben. KD, source of LV-Yang-rise)) 3) clear heat to ben. eyes (herb is similar to an eye).
ZhenZhuMuAlso salty, so ben. KD 1) drains LV-Fire, anchor LV-Yang-rise 2) clear heat to ben. eyes 3) calm spirit
MuLisalty, astr., cl, LV/KD-1) anchor float yang 2) calm mind (both b/c heavy & salty, so relates to KD 3) dissip. nod. ( salty) 4) stop excessive fluids disch. ( drying & astr.)
DaiZheShibit., cld, HT/LV/P-stone, so heavy & cld, so tx LV-Yang & LV-heat. Being red, it clear heat from bl. 1) anchor LV-Yang 2) clear LV-Fire 3) desc. rebellious qi 4) cl bl. & stop bleed
BaiJiLiacrid, bit., ntrl, plant, LV. 1) subdue LV-Yang-rise 2) spreads LV-Qi-stag-1) calm LV/anchor Yang 2) dredges LV-qi 3) dispel wind-heat/brightens eyes 4) dispel wind/stop itching
GouTengsw, cl, P/LV-1) exting. wind/allev. spasms 2) drains LV-heat/pacif. LV-Yang 3) releases ext.
TianMasw/ntrl/LV-tx disorders of head d/t LV-Yang-rise (Tian), as headaches, dizzy & conv. d/t Wind, specially involving phl. But also tx numbness of limbs.-1) calm LV/exting. Wind/controls spasms/tremors 2) exting. wind/allev. pain 3) dissperses painful obstruction
DiLongsalty, cld, LV/LU-1) drains heat/settles conv./exting. wind/stop spasms 2) clear heat/unblock/move channels/collat. (for red-swollen-joints=> hot-bi) 3) clear heat/calm wheezing 4) clear heat/prom. urin. 5) tx hypertension
QuanXiesalty, png, ntrl, toxic, LV. 1) pacif. wind/stop conv./tremors 2) tracks down wind/unblock collat./stop pain 3) res. fire toxin/dissip.s nod.
WuGongpng, wrm, toxic/LV. wrmer than Quan Xie. 1) pacif. wind/stop conv./spasms 2) attacks toxin/dissip.s collat./3) unblock collat. & stop pain
JiangCanpng, salty, ntrl LV/LU-1) exting. wind/stop spasm/conv. (enters tendons/collat.) 2) dispel wind/wind-heat/stop pain/itching (it is png) 3) transf. phl/softens mas./nod. 4) expel wind/stop itching
RenShensw, sl. wrm, LU, SP-1) repl. qi, streng. yang 2) ton. SP & LU Qi 3) prom. BF & relieve thirst (ton. Qi to gen. BF) 4) calm HT (qi makes CNS respond better)-B.'s: 1) ton. Yuan Qi 2) streng. SP/ST 3) ton. LU/aug. Qi 4) gen. fluids/stop thirst 5) ben. HT-Qi/Calm Shen
XiYangShenamerican ginseng-sw & cld, HT. Used when yin & qi are both damaged. 1) repl. qi & prom. BF 2) nour. yin & clear heat (not so much clear heat)
DangShensw, ntrl, LU, SP-better for chronic diseases than ren shen 1) repl. qi 2) ton. qi to nour. BF/bl.-B.'s: 1) ton. MJ/aug. Qi 2) ton. LU-Qi 3) support ZhengQi
TaiZiShensw, ntrl, LU, SP-1) repl. qi & prom. BF-B.'s: 1) streng. SP/aug. Qi 2) gen. fluids
HuangQisl. wrm, sw, LU, SP-asc., ton. both SP/LU, nour. Yin. 1) repl. qi & raise yang 2) streng. wei qi, harm. ying & wei (expel pathogen, closes pores) 3) release toxins, disch. pus 4) ton. Qi to prom. urin. & reg. h2o metab./red. edema-B.'s: 1) ton. Qi/bl. 2) tonfiy SP/raise Yang 3) aug. Wei Qi/stab. ext. 4) prom. urin./red. edema 5) disch. pus/generage flesh
BaiZhubit., sw, wrm, SP, ST, LU (indirectly)-1) repl. qi an ton. SP 2) res./dry damp 3) stop sweat 4) calm fetus-B.: 1) ton. SP/ aug. Qi 2) dry damp/prom. h2o metab. 3) stab. ext./stop sweat 4) calm fetus
ShanYaosw, ntrl, SP, LU , KD-ton. Qi & Yin-1) streng. SP/ST 2) ton. LU & KD-1) ton. SP/ST 2) ton. LU-Qi, nour. LU-Yin 3) ton. KD
BaiBianDousw, sl. wrm, SP, ST-1) streng. SP & transf. damp
Gan Caosw, ntrl/wrm-HT, LU, SP, ST-1) ton. SP, repl. Qi 2) moist LU & stop coughs 3) relax spasms & stop pain 4) moderate action of herb 5) red. fire & release toxins
DaZaosw, wrm, SP, ST-food rapy-1) repl. Qi in MJ 2) nour. bl., calm mind 3) moderate action of or herb-sw/wrm/SP+ST-gentle herb-a) ton. SP, aug. Qi b) nour. Bl, calm Shen c) Moderate/harm. actions of or herb
FengMifor Qi (ton.) & Yin (moist)-sw, ntrl, SP, LU, LI-1) ton. Qi, stop pain 2) moist LU to stop cough 3) moist LI to unblock bowels 4) ext., detoxifies
LuRongsw, salty, wrm, KD, LV-ton. KD Yang, nour. ess. (refore aug. bl.), reg. CHONG & REN-1) ton. KD/fort. Yang 2) wrm Yang/reg. CHONG/REN 3) ton. DU/aug. ess./bl./streng. bone/sines 4) ton./nour. Qi/bl.
YinYangHuopng, sw, wrm, KD, LV-ton. KD-Yang, dispel wind-cld-damp (drying, dry ess.). impot. herb or lower backache-stronger than ors in same group
BaJiTianweaker than ors in same group-png, sw, wrm, KD, LV-ton. KD-Yang, dispel wind-cld-damp (drying, dry ess.). impot. herb or lower backache. weaker than ors in same group
XianMaohot, toxic, KD- hottest of group, for cld in BL, loss control of urin., disperses cld & damp.- 1) ton. KD/fort. Yang 2) expel cld/eliminate damp.
DuZhongsw, wrm, KD, LV, main herb for lower back pain d/t KD-Xu. Common herb to calm KD-Xu restl. fetus. ton. KD-Yang, nour. LV-Yin, streng. sinews/bone, calm fetus-1) ton. LV/KD/streng. sinews/bone 2) aid in smooth flow of qi/bl. 3) calm fetus 4) dizzy/light headedness from LV-Yang-rise
XuDuansw, png, sl. wrm, KD, LV-used for trauma/pain-ton. KD-Yang, streng. sinews/bone, invig. bl., calm fetus, miscarriage-1) ton. LV/KD/streng. bone/sinews 2) calm fetus/ stop leak. 3) prom. mov. of bl./allev. pain/recon. sinews/bone
RouCongRongLI, KD, sw, salty, wrm-suppl. Yang (Zhu), moist intest. to help constip.-1) ton. KD-Yang/aug. ess./bl. 2) moist intest./facilitates passage of stool
SuoYangsw, wrm, LI, KD, LV, assist Yang, moist intest. Lock to protect-sw/wrm/LI+KD+LV-1) ton. KD/assist Yang/aug. LV-Yin/bl. 2) moist intest./unblock bowels/aug. ess./nour. bl.
BuGuZhipng, bit., v. wrm-ton. KD-Yang, ton. & wrm SP-Yang, stop diarr. png/bit./very wrm/KD+SP-1) ton. KD/fort. Yang 2) ton./wrm SP-Yang/stop diarr. 3) vitiligo
YiZhiRenpng, wrm, KD/SP-better at ton. SP-Yang than its partner -  pretty dry-wrms KD, retains ess. (doesn't nour.)/secures urn, wrms SP, controls saLVation. -1) wrms KD/retains ess./secures urn 2) wrms SP/stop diarr./controls saLVation
TuSiZisw, ntrl, KD/LV-ton. Yang, aug. Yin, secure ess./urn, nour. LV/KD (vision), calm fetus, ben. SP/KD-Yang-1) ton. Yang/aug. Yin/secure ess./urn 2) ton. LV/KD/improve vision 3) ben. SP/KD/stop diarr. 4) calm fetus
ShaYuanZisw, sl. wrm, LV/KD-fort. Yang, secures ess., nour. LV (improves vision)-sw, sl. wrm, LV/KD-fort. Yang, secures ess., nour. LV (improves vision)-1) fort. Yang/secures ess. 2) nour. LV/improves vision
GeJiesalty, ntrl, LU/KD-ton. LU, assist KD-Yang, stop asthma, ben. ess./bl. 1) ton. LU-Qi/assist KD-Yang 2) aug. ess./bl.
HuTaoRou / He Tao Rensw, wrm, KD/LI/LU = ton. KD, wrm LU, moist LI, help KD grasp qi-sw, wrm, KD/LI/LU = ton. KD, wrm LU, moist LI, help KD grasp qi-1) ton. KD-Yang/streng. back/knees 2) wrms LU/help KD grasp qi 3) moist intest./unblock bowels
DongChong Xia Caosw, wrm, LU/KD-ton. KD-Yang, ben. all aspects of KD (yin, yang, qi, ess.), ton. LU, stop bleed, res. phl. Safe substance.1) aug. KD/ton. Yang 2) ton. KD-Yang/aug. LU-Yin/transf. phl/stop bleed
GouJibit., sw, wrm-KD/LV-ton. LV/KD, streng. lower back & knees, disperse wind-damp-1) ton. LV/KD/streng. bone/sines 2) expel wind/damp 3) wrms/stab. KD
GuSuiBubit., wrm, KD/LV-#2 to recon. bone fract.-ton. KD, streng. bone, prom. repair of sinew/bone, stimulate growth of hair-1) ton. KD/streng. bone 2) prom. repairing of sinews/bone 3) simulate growth of hair
ZiHeChesw, salty, wrm-LV/LU/KD-ton. KD-Yang, aug. ess., aug. Qi, nour. bl., ton. LU-qi-1) ton. LV/KD-Yang/aug./control ess. 2) aug. qi/nour. bl. 3) ton. LU-Qi/aug. KD-ess.
DangGuiwrm, sw, png, HT-LV-SP. nour. bl., move bl-stasis to stop pain, constip., tx itching d/t bl-xu/bl-stasis-(Chinese Angelica Root) sw/png/wrm/HT+LV+SP-less ton. than Shu Di, more moving (bl-stasis) -1) ton. bl./reg. period 2) invig./harm. bl./disperse bl. 3) moist intestine/unblock bowels
ShuDiHuangsw, sl. wrm, HT/KD/LV-nour. bl., nour. KD-Yin, ton. a bit of ess. & ben. marrow.-wrmer than Sheng version. First for LV-BL-Xu, Second to KD-Yin-Xu. Primary herb for ton. LV & KD & nurturing Yuan-Qi-1) ton. bl. 2) nour. LV/KD-Yin 3) ton. ess.
BaiShaobit., sour, cl, LV/SP-nour. bl., #1 to nour. LV-Yin, stop pain, stop sweat, anchor LV-Yang (doesn't suppress)- soos LV as ChaiHu (for LV-Yin-Xu & LV-Bl-Xu). white, not as strong as ShuDi-1) nour. bl./reg. menses 2) calm/restrain LV-Yang 3) preserve Yin/harm. Wei/Ying qi levels
EJiaosw, ntrl, KD/LV/LU-nour. bl., nour. KD-Yin, stop bleed, moist Yin (a bit). Very much used for gyno disorders. Melted & infused in boiling h2o for oral use-stronger for KD-Yin-Xu than ShuDi. Maybe stronger for Bl-Xu as well. Important for stop bleed. (gelatin) 1) ton. bl. 2) nour. bl./stop bleed 3) nour. KD-Yin/moist Yin
HeShouWubit., sw, astr., sl. wrm, LV/KD-nour. LV/KD-Yin (KD mildly), bl., ess. For bl., A food. not a must herb, but also for KD-Xu (aging) & Bl-Xu. 1) ton. LV/KD/nour. bl./aug. ess. 2) expel ext-wind by bl.
LongYanRousw, wrm, HT/SP-ton. HT & SP, nour. bl., calm shen- mild-gentle-sw/wrm/HT+SP-a) ton. HT & SP, nour. Bl, calm shen
ShaShenLU/ST, cl, sw-nour. ST/LU-Yin, clear ST/LU-heat, good to stop cough & tx phl-herb to gen. BF-1) nour. LU-Yin/clear LU-heat 2) nour. ST-Yin/gen. fluids
BaiHesw, sl. cld, sl. bit.-HT/LU -Special to calm shen, clear HT-heat-very mild, especial for calming Shen-1) moist LU/clear heat/stop cough 2) clear heat/calm spirit
MaiMenDongsw, sl. bit., sl. cld, HT/LU/ST-moist LU  (nour. Yin) & ST, special for HT (tx HT-heat d/t HT-Yin-Xu). moist intest. (important for that) (ophiopogon tuber) like ShaShen, but enters HT, very good for HT-Yin-Xu-Middle of spectrum BF-Yin, good usually when ext. damage causes yin-xu-1) moist LU/nour. Yin 2) nour. ST-Yin/gen. fluids 3) moist intest. 4) clear HT/eliminate irritability
TianMenDongLU/KD (Kevin says ST)-cld, bit., sw-nour. KD-Yin (weakly), better for KD-BF-Xu, moist LU/gen fluids-1) nour. KD-Yin/clear LU-heat 2) moist LU/nour. KD/gen. fluids
ShiHusw, sl. salt, bl&, sl. cld-KD/ST-protect ST-Yin (BF) mostly for ST-BF-Xu-Assistant, safe herb-1) nour. yin/clear heat/gen. fluids 2) enrich KD-Yin/red. empty-heat 3) ton. KD/aug. ess./brighten vision
YuZhusw, cl-LU/ST-Often paired w/ Shi Hu to protect ST-Yin (BF) tx ST-Yin-Xu, mild, safe, assistant-1) nour. Yin/moist dryness 2) exting. wind/soften & moist sinews, both from dryness
HuangJingsw, ntrl-KD/LU/SP-equally good for yin-xu & qi(sp/lu)-xu. 1) ton. SP-Qi/aug. SP-Yin 2) nour. Yin/moist LU
GouQiZisw, ntrl, LV/LU/KD-gentle, mild, assistant-more for LV-Xu, -1) nour./ton. LV/KD 2) ben. ess./brighten eyes 3) enrich Yin/moist LU 4) nour. LV-bl.
MoHanLiansw, sour, cl, KD/LV- for yin-xu/bl-heat causing bleed-Special to tx bleed-1) nour./ton. LV/KD-Yin 2) cl bl./stop bleed
NuZhen Zibit., sw, cl, KD/LV-KD-Yin first, good for bl., a bit of BF. stop bleed (d/t yin-xu causing heat). Doesn't really cool down- for gyno probs, tx deficiency-1) nour./ton. LV/KD 2) aug. LV/KD/clear empty-heat 3) improve vision
SangShensw, cld-HT/LV/KD-nour. Yin & bl., also for dryness, moist intest.-1) ton. bl./enriches Yin 2) moist intest.
GuiBansalty, sw, cld, HT/KD/LV-for severe KD-Yin-Xu-nour. Yin, (nour. ess.), bl., cl bl./stop bleed, heavily anchor Yang. Used in gyno if a KD problem. High doses- (fresh-h2o turtle plastron) one of bests for KD-yin-xu in group, center of circle-1) nour. Yin/anchor Yang 2) ben. KD/streng. bone 3) nour. bl. 4) cl bl./stop uter. bleed/stab. CHONG/REN 5) nour. bl. (indirectly)/ton. HT 6) non-healing ulcerations
BieJiasalty, sl. cld, LV/SP-dive to deep (yin) part of body, for severe KD-Yin-Xu-nour. yin, (nour. ess.), heavily anchor yang, move bl., dissolve mas./nod. (d/t bl-stasis)-better at clearing heat by bringing down than by cling. Used in gyno if a KD problem. High doses.- one of bests for KD-yin-xu in group, center of circle, stronger than e jiao & shu di huang for yin-xu-s1) nour. Yin/anchor Yang 2) invig. bl./prom. menses/dissip. nodule 3) heavily anchor
MaHuangGensw, ntrl, LU-astr. sweat, doesn't ton.-sw, ntrl / LU-a) stop sweat: for many kinds of sweat from deficiency, incl. spont. sweat due to qi deficiency, nightsweats due to yin deficiency.
FuXiaoMaisw, sl. salty, cl, HT-inhibits sweat. Used in high dose.-sw, sl. salty, cl / HT-a) Inhibits sweat: for many kinds of sweat from deficiency incl. spont. sweat from qi deficiency, & night-sweats from yin deficiency.
WuWeiZisour, sw, wrm, HT/KD/LU-key herb-#1 herb to protect LU-Qi. Creates BF. For LU first (chronic dry cough, protect yin & LU-qi by astringing). astr. sweat. Gently ton. KD-Yin, calm HT (by stopping sweat). Stop cough. Binds up ess.-1) contains LU-Qi-leak./stop cough 2) ton. KD/binds up ess./stop diarr. 3) inhibits sweat/gen.s fluid 4) quiets spirit/calm & contains HT-Qi
WuMeisour, astr., wrm-LI/LV/LU/SP-astr.s LU (qi & yin), stop cogh, gen.s BF (good for dry mouth, thirst), expel roundworms/deviates pain, binds up intest./stop diarr., stop bleed, used topically-1) inhibits LU-qi-leak./stop cough 2) gen.s fluids 3) expel roundworms/deviates pain 4) binds up intest./stop diarr. 5) stop bleed (stool/uterus) 6) topically to tx corns/warts
RouDouKoupng, wrm, LI/SP/ST-pretty wrm, astr.s intest. , tx diarr. (from cld). wrms MJ, move qi, deviates pain.-1) binds up intest./stop diarr. 2) wrms MJ/move qi/deviates distending pain of epigastrium/abdomen
ShanZhuYusour, sl wrm, KD/LID-amongst first herb to ton. KD-Yin/ess. Amazing. tx leak. in 2 ways: root (ton./nour.)/branch (astr.). nour. KD/LV-Yin, , astr.s KD/secures ess./stop sweat, stab. menses/stop bleed. Better for KD-Yin-Xu than Shu Di Huang.-1) stab. KD/secures ess. 2) stop excessive sweat/supports collapsed 3) ton./aug.s LV/KD 4) stab. menses/stop bleed
SangPiaoXiaosw, salty, ntrl, KD/LV-nour. KD-ess., assist Yang, astr. ess./urn. Stronger for leak. (& maybe to ton.) than or one.-1) ton. KD/assist Yang/secures ess./urn
JinYingZisour, astr., ntrl, BL/KD/LI-astr. ess./intest.-1) stab. KD/secures ess. 2) binds up intest./stop diarr.
LianZisw, astr., ntrl, HT/KD/SP-often combined w/ anor one-for leuc./diarr.-mildly astr. leak. of SP-Xu d/t KD-Xu (leuc., diarr.). Gently ton. SP/KD, secure ess. nour. HT, calm mind-1) ton. SP/stop diarr. 2) ton. KD/stab. ess. 3) nour. HT/calm spirit
QianShisw, astr., ntrl, KD/SP-astr. leak. of SP/KD-Xu, ton. SP, stab. KD/secures ess., expel damp/stop disch.-1) ton. SP/stop diarr. 2) stab. KD/secures ess. 3) expel damp/stop vaginal disch.

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