Mat Med 3 - Calming LIV - Internal Wind

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ShiJueMinggood for red-eyes d/t LIV-Yang/Fire - needs to be boiled for longer - salty, cold / KID + LIV - subdues LIV-Yang, benefits eyes, treats hypertension - 1) anchors LIV-Yang (it's heavy, shell, salty(benefits KID, source of LIV-Yang-rising)); 2) drains liv-fire (it's heavy and cold, salty(benefits KID, source of LIV-Yang-rising)); 3) clears heat to benefits eyes (herb is similar to an eye).
Zhen Zhu Musimilar to Shi Jue Ming but colder and enters HT. Also salty, so benefits KID 1) drains LIV-Fire, anchors LIV-Yang-rising; 2) clear heat to benefit eyes (also shaped like an eye); 3) calms spirit;
MuLisalty, astringent, cool, LIV + KID - 1) anchors floating yang ; 2) calms mind (both b/c it's heavy and salty, so relates to kid; 3) dissipate nodules (it's salty); 4) stops excessive fluids discharge (it's drying and astringent)
DaiZheShibitter, cold, HT + LIV + P - stone, so heavy and cold, so treats LIV-Yang and LIV-heat. Being red, it clears heat from blood. 1) anchors LIV-Yang; 2) clears LIV-Fire; 3) descends rebellious qi; 4) cools blood and stops bleeding
Bai Ji Liacrid, bitter, neutral, plant, LIV. 1) subdue LIV-Yang-rising; 2) spreads LIV-Qi-stag - 1) calms LIV/anchors Yang; 2) dredges LIV-qi; 3) dispels wind-heat/brightens eyes; 4) dispels wind/stops itching
GouTengsweet, cool, P + LIV - 1) extinguishes wind/alleviates spasms; 2) drains LIV-heat/pacifies LIV-Yang; 3) releases exterior
TianMasweet + neutral + LIV - treats disorders of head d/t LIV-Yang-rising (Tian), as headaches, dizziness and convulsions d/t Wind, specially involving phlegm. But also treats numbness of limbs. - 1) calms LIV/extinguishes Wind/controls spasms/tremors; 2) extinguishes wind/alleviates pain; 3) dissperses painful obstruction
DiLongsalty, cold, LIV + LU - 1) drains heat/settles convulsions/extinguishes wind/stops spasms; 2) clears heat/unblocks/moves channels/collaterals (for red-swollen-joints=> hot-bi); 3) clears heat/calms wheezing; 4) clears heat/promotes urination; 5) treats hypertension
QuanXiesalty, pungent, neutral, toxic, LIV. 1) Pacifies wind/stops convulsions/tremors; 2) tracks down wind/unblocks collaterals/stops pain; 3) resolves fire toxicity/dissipates nodules;
WuGongpungent, warm, toxic + LIV. Warmer than Quan Xie. 1) Pacifies wind/stops convulsions/spasms; 2) attacks toxin/dissipates collaterals/3) unblocks collaterals and stops pain;
JiangCanpungent, salty, neutral LIV + LU - 1) extinguishes wind/stops spasm/convulsion (enters tendons/collaterals); 2) dispels wind/wind-heat/stop pain/itching (it is pungent); 3) transforms phlegm/softens masses/nodules; 4) expels wind/stops itching
JueMingZiJUE=Dredge, MING=brigthness, ZI=seed - bitter, sweet, salty, cold, LIV, LI - 1) clear LIV-fire/subdue LIV-Yang/benefit eyes 2) moisten intestine/unblocks bowels; 3) subdues liv-yang;

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