Mat Med 3 - Astringe

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MaHuangGensweet, neutral, LU - astringe sweat, doesn't tonify. - sweet, neutral / LU - a) Stops sweating: for many kinds of sweating from deficiency, including spontaneous sweating due to qi deficiency, nightsweats due to yin deficiency, and postpartum sweating.
FuXiaoMai sweet, sl. salty, cool, HT - inhibits sweating. Used in high dose. - sweet, slightly salty, cool / HT - a) Inhibits sweating: for many kinds of sweating from deficiency including spontaneous sweating from qi deficiency, and night-sweats from yin deficiency.
WuWeiZisour, sweet, warm, HT + KID + LU - key herb - #1 herb to protect LU-Qi. Creates BF. For LU first (chronic dry cough, protect yin and LU-qi by astringing). Astringe sweat. Gently tonify KID-Yin, calm HT (by stopping sweating). Stop cough. Binds up essence - 1) contains LU-Qi-leakage/stops cough; 2) tonifies KID/binds up essence/stops diarrhea; 3) inhibits sweating/generates fluid; 4) quiets spirit/calms and contains HT-Qi
WuMeisour, astringent, warm - LI + LIV + LU + SP - umeboshi - astringes LU (qi and yin), stops cogh, generates BF (good for dry mouth, thirst), expels roundworms/deviates pain, binds up intestines/stops diarrhea, stops bleeding, used topically - 1) inhibits LU-qi-leakage/stops cough; 2) generates fluids; 3) expels roundworms/deviates pain; 4) binds up intestines/stops diarrhea; 5) stops bleeding (stool/uterus); 6) topically to treat corns/warts
HeZibitter, sour, astringent, neutral, LU + ST + LI - treats both LU (cough symptom) and LI (chronic diarrhea), strong for chronic cough (KID/LU-Yin-Xu). Wu Wei Zi really treats cough, this one not. - 1) binds up intestines/stops diarrhea; 2) contains LU-Qi-leakage/stops cough/improves throat condition
RouDouKoupungent, warm, LI + SP + ST - pretty warm, Astringes intestines , treats diarrhea (from cold). Warms MJ, moves qi, deviates pain. - 1) binds up intestines/stops diarrhea; 2) warms MJ/moves qi/deviates distending pain of epigastrium/abdomen;
ShiLiuPisour, astringent, warm, toxic, LI + ST - astringes intestines, kiils parasites - 1) Binds up the Intestines/stops diarrhea;  2) Kills parasites
ChiShiZhisweet, sour, astringent, warm, SP + ST + LI - astringes intestines, red, astringes blood/stops bleeding - 1) binds up intestines/stops diarrhea; 2) contains blood/stops bleeding
ShanZhuYusour, sl warm, KID + LID - amongst first herbs to tonify KID-Yin/essence. Amazing. Treat leakage in 2 ways: root (tonify/nourish) + branch (astringe). Nourishes KID/LIV-Yin, , astringes KID/secures essence/stops sweating, stabilizes menses/stops bleeding. Better for KID-Yin-Xu than Shu Di Huang. - 1) stabilizes KID/secures essence; 2) stops excessive sweating/supports collapsed; 3) tonifies/augments LIV/KID; 4) stabilizes menses/stops bleeding;
FuPenZisweet, astringent, neutral, KID + LIV - 1) augments/astringes KID/binds essence/contains urine; 2) assists Yang/improves vision
SangPiaoXiaosweet, salty, neutral, KID + LIV - nourish KID-essence, assist Yang, astringe essence/urine. Stronger for leakage (and maybe to tonify) than the other one. - 1) Tonifies KID/assist Yang/secures essence/urine
JinYingZisour, astringent, neutral, BL + KID + LI - astringe essence/intestines - 1) stabilizes KID/secures essence; 2) binds up intestines/stops diarrhea
WuZeiGu / HaiPiaoXiaosalty, astringent, sl. warm - KID + LIV + ST - astringe bleeding/essence, alleviates ST-pain, resolves dampness -  1) restrains/holds in/stops bleeding; 2) secures essence/stops discharge; 3) controls acidity/alleviates pain; 4) resolves dampness/promotes skin ulcers healling
LianZisweet, astringent, neutral, HT + KID + SP - often combined w/ another one - for leucorrhea/diarrhea - mildly astringe leakage of SP-Xu d/t KID-Xu (leucorrhea, diarrhea). Gently tonifies SP/KID, secure essence. Nourish HT, calms mind - 1) tonifies SP/stops diarrhea; 2) tonifies KID/stabilizes essence; 3) nourishes HT/calms spirit
QianShisweet, astringent, neutral, KID + SP - astringe leakage of SP/KID-Xu, tonifies SP, stabilizes KID/secures essence, expels dampness/stops discharge - 1) tonifies SP/stops diarrhea; 2) stabilizes KID/secures essence; 3) expels dampness/stops vaginal discharge
BaiGuosweet, bitter, astringent, neutral, sl. toxic - KID + LU - 1) preserves LU/stops wheezing; 2) eliminates dampness/stops discharge/contains urine

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