Mat Med 2 - Tonify Yin

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Sha ShenLU + ST, cool, sweet - Nourish ST/LU-Yin, clear ST/LU-heat, good to stop cough and treat phlegm - (Glehniae root) herb to gen. BF - 1) nourish LU-Yin/clear LU-heat; 2) nourish ST-Yin/generate fluids
Bai Hesweet, sl. cold, sl. bitter - HT + LU  - Special to calm shen, clear HT-heat - (lily bulb) very mild, especial for calming Shen - 1) moisten LU/clear heat/stop cough; 2) clear heat/calm spirit
Mai Men Dongsweet, sl. bitter, sl. Cold, HT + LU + ST - moistens LU  (nourish Yin) and ST, special for HT (treats HT-heat d/t HT-Yin-Xu). Moistens intestines (important for that) (ophiopogon tuber) like ShaShen, but enters HT, very good for HT-Yin-Xu - Middle of spectrum BF-Yin, good usually when ext. damage causes yin-xu - 1) moisten LU/nourish Yin; 2) nourish ST-Yin/generate fluids; 3) moisten intestines; 4) clear HT/eliminate irritability
Tian Men DongLU + KID (Kevin says ST) - cold, bitter, sweet - nourish KID-Yin (weakly), better for KID-BF-Xu, moisten LU/gen fluids - 1) nourish KID-Yin/clear LU-heat; 2) moisten LU/nourish KID/generate fluids
Shi Husweet, sl. salt, bland, sl. cold - KID + ST - Often paired w/ Yu Zhu to protect ST-Yin (BF). (dendrobium) mostly for ST-BF-Xu - Assistant, safe herb - 1) nourish yin/clear heat/gen. fluids; 2) enrich KID-Yin/reduce empty-heat; 3) tonify KID/augment essence/brighten vision
Yu Zhusweet, cool - LU + ST - Often paired w/ Shi Hu to protect ST-Yin (BF) (scented Solomon's seal rhizome) Treat ST-Yin-Xu, mild, safe, assistant - 1) nourish Yin/moisten dryness; 2) extinguish wind/soften and moisten sinews, both from dryness
Huang Jingsweet, neutral - KID + LU + SP - Tonify both Yin (LU-Yin-Xu, ST-Yin-Xu) and Qi (LU-Qi-Xu, SP-Qi-Xu) - (Siberian Solomon's Seal) equally good for yin-xu and qi(sp/lu)-xu. Similar to Shan Yao. When combined w/ yin tonics, tonify yin. W/ Qi, tonify Qi - 1) tonify SP-Qi/augment SP-Yin; 2) nourish Yin/moisten LU
Gou Qi Zisweet, neutral, LIV + LU + KID - good for yin or blood, mild, weak. For LIV/KID/LU-Yin-Xu - (Chinese Wolfberry (Lycii)) gentle, mild, assistant - more for LIV-Xu, good option if it's not a severe deficiency -1) nourish/tonify LIV/KID; 2) benefit essence/brighten eyes; 3) enrich Yin/moisten LU; 4) nourishes LIV-Blood
Han Lian Cao/Mo Han Liansweet, sour, cool, KID + LIV - pair w/ Nu Zhen Zi - KID-Yin first, good for blood, a bit of BF. Stops bleeding (d/t yin-xu causing heat). Doesn't really cool down (as turtle shells) - (eclipta) for yin-xu + bl-heat causing bleeding - Special to treat bleeding, usually combined w/ NuZhenZi - 1) nourish/tonify LIV/KID-Yin; 2) cool blood/stop bleeding
Nu Zhen Zibitter, sweet, cool, KID + LIV - pair w/ MO HAN LIAN, ladies herb, KID-Yin first, good for blood, a bit of BF. Stops bleeding (d/t yin-xu causing heat). Doesn't really cool down (as turtle shells) - (privet fruit) for gyno probs, treats deficiency - 1) nourish/tonify LIV/KID; 2) augment LIV/KID/clear empty-heat; 3) improve vision
Sang Shensweet, cold - HT + LIV + KID - nourishes Yin and Blood, also for dryness, moistens intestines - 1) tonifies blood/enriches Yin; 2) moistens intestines
Hei Zhi Masweet, neutral, KID + LIV + LI - LIV/KID-Yin + LIV-blood (extinguish wind) + moisten intestines - 1) nourishes/fortifies LIV/KID; 2) nourishes blood/extinguishes wind; 3) moistens/lubricates intestines
Gui Bansalty, sweet, cold, HT + KID + LIV - turtle shell (front - clear heat by bringin down) - for severe KID-Yin-Xu - nourish Yin, (nourish essence), blood, cool blood/stop bleeding, heavily anchor Yang. Used in gyno if a KID problem. High doses - (fresh-water turtle plastron) one of the bests for kid-yin-xu in the group, center of circle - 1) nourish Yin/anchor Yang; 2) benefit KID/strengthen bones; 3) nourish blood; 4) cool blood/stop uterine bleeding/stabilize CHONG/REN; 5) nourish blood (indirectly)/tonify HT; 6) non-healing ulcerations
Bie Jiasalty, sl. Cold, LIV + SP - turtle shell (back - clear heat by bringing down and cooling) dive to deep (yin) part of body, for severe KID-Yin-Xu - nourish yin, (nourish essence), heavily anchor yang, moves blood, dissolve masses/nodules (d/t bl-stasis) - better at clearing heat by bringing down than by cooling. Used in gyno if a KID problem. High doses. - (Chinese soft-shelled turtle shell)one of the bests for kid-yin-xu in the group, center of circle, stronger than e jiao and shu di huang for yin-xu - s1) Nourish Yin/anchor Yang; 2) Invigorate Blood/promotes menses/dissipate nodule; 3) heavily anchor

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