Mat Med 2 - Tonify Blood

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Dang Guiwarm, sweet, pungent, HT-LIV-SP. Nourish blood, move bl-stasis to stop pain, constipation, treats itching d/t bl-xu/bl-stasis - (Chinese Angelica Root) sweet/pungent/warm/HT+LIV+SP - less tonifying than Shu Di Huang, more moving (bl-stasis) -1) tonify blood/regulate period; 2) invigorate/harmonize blood/disperse blood; 3) moisten intestine/unblock bowels
Shu Di Huangsweet, sl. warm, HT/KID/LIV - nourish blood, nourish KID-Yin, tonify a bit of essence and benefit marrow. - Warmer than Sheng version. First for LIV-BL-Xu, Second to KID-Yin-Xu. Primary herb for tonifying LIV and KID and nurturing Yuan-Qi - (Cooked Rehmannia Root) 1) tonify Blood; 2) nourishes LIV/KID-Yin; 3) tonify essence
Bai Shaobitter, sour, cool, LIV + SP - nourish blood, #1 to nourish LIV-Yin, stop pain, stop sweating, anchors LIV-Yang (doesn't suppress) - (white peonny root) soothes LIV as ChaiHu (for LIV-Yin-Xu and LIV-Bl-Xu). It's white, not as strong as ShuDiHuang - 1) nourish blood/regulate menses; 2) calm/restrain LIV-Yang; 3) preserve Yin/harmonize Wei/Ying qi levels
E Jiaosweet, neutral, KID/LIV/LU - nourish blood, nourish KID-Yin, stop bleeding, moisten Yin (a bit). Very much used for gyno disorders. Melted and infused in boiling water for oral use - stronger for KID-Yin-Xu than ShuDiHuang. Maybe stronger for Bl-Xu as well. Important for stop bleeding. (gelatin) 1) tonify blood; 2) nourish blood/stop bleeding; 3) nourish KID-Yin/moisten Yin
He Shou Wubitter, sweet, astringent, sl. warm, LIV + KID - nourishes LIV/KID-Yin (kid mildly), blood, essence. Root of Ye Jiao Teng, so calm mind a bit. For blood, maybe better than Bai Shao, but less than E Jiao and Dang Gui. A food. (Processed Fleeceflower Root) not a must herb, but also for KID-Xu (aging) and Bl-Xu. 1) tonify LIV/KID/nourish Blood/augment essence; 2) expel ext-wind by nourishing blood
Long Yan Rousweet, warm, HT + SP - tonify HT and SP, nourish blood, calm shen - a fruit/food. (Longan Fruit) mild-gentle - sweet/warm/HT+SP - a) Tonify HT and SP, nourish Bl, calm shen

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