Massachusetts Hoisting Prep

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What is the purpose of the swing gear on an excavator ?Connects the car body to the tracks
Who is responsible for inspecting the trench before anyone goes in it? The Equipment Operator
What is the preferred sling angle ? 60 Degrees
The top spoil pile is called ? Crown
A four-foot (4') deep trench requires an additional ladder for every ______ feet of open trench 25 Feet
Materials must be kept back from the edge of the trench a minimum of ______ feet 2 Feet
When can an inspector revoke a Hoisting license ? For failure to pay excise tax
Who developed the MA crane hand signals ? ANSI/ASME
DOT stands for Department of Transportation
When do you do your walk around of the equipment? Before you start it
In the one-to-one sloping ratio, what does the 2nd "one" represent? Depth or Vertical rise
On a track machine the gears should be where ? In the rear
When load leveling when do you deploy your stabilizers or load levelers?Before you make the lift
When backfilling an excavation, you should use a ? Small lift "shade the ditch"
What type of safety system in used on de-energized circuits? Lockout-tagout total De-energization system
In what time frame must the Department of Public Safety be notified of a death involving Hoisting equipment ? Within one hour
How many pounds are in a ton? 2,000 pounds
In the State of Massachusetts what criteria require a hoisting license ? Weight of load exceeds 500 pounds - Height of load exceeds 10 feet - capacity of load exceeds 1/4 cubic yard
How many cubic feet in a cubic yard ? 27 cubic feet
How much does a cubic foot of concrete weigh? 150 pounds
How much does a cubic foot of steel weigh? 490 pounds
How many cubic yards in a block that measures 5'X5'X3'? 5X5X3 = 75 Cubic Feet devided by 27 (27 cubic feet in a cubic yard) = 2.77 cubic yards
What does a class 1C license cover in the State of Massachusetts? Any type of hoisting equipment that has a hydraulic boom without wire rope
One light or bell means ?STOP
Two lights or bells ?RAISE
Three lights or bells ?LOWER
Four lights or bells ? LOWER SLOWLY
Which of the following CANNOT be used for lifting: Nylon Slings, Chain, or Wire rope slings ? Chain
How far away from the hole should you place your spoil pile? Two Feet (2') isn't the OSHA minimum distance
How far away from the edge of an excavation should you position the machine ? It depends on the ground condition - Typically 1-1/2 times the depth of the excavation - minimum
Definition of a trench ? Narrow excavation (not more than 15' wide) 5' or more in depth
What is No.1 fuel ?Kerosene
What s No. 2 fuel ?Diesel
What sling angle is not acceptable ?30 degrees and less
How many brake pedals are found on a backhoe ?Two
In a trench when the dirt collapses, what is it called ?Cave-in
On a 3-handled backhoe, what are the foot pedals used for ?Boom Swing
When must you replace a hook?If worn by 10% or the opening has increased 15%, or the hook has twisted by 10%
Is it safe practice to rely on the backhoe's backup alarm to warn others that you are backing up?NO
Is it right to undercut the sides of an excavation ?NO
How often are Hoisting licenses renewed?Every Two Years
Do you need a hoisting license to transport hoisting equipment over the public road ?No. You do need a valid drivers license

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