Marketing 340 final exam chp 15

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What is posession utility and an example?entails effors by intermediaries to help buyers take possesion of a product or service example: airline tickets delievered by a travel agency
What are corporate systems?combination of successive stages of production and sitribution under a single ownership example
What is foward intergrationwhen a producer owns a intermediary at the next level down in the channel
What is backward intergation? when a retailer might own a manufacutring operation example: kroger operates manufacturing facilities that produce everything from asprin to cottage cheese for sale under the kroger label
What are wholesaler sponsored voluntary chains?when a wholesaler develops a contractual relationship with small independent retailers to standardize and coordinate buying practices iga and ben franklin represent this
What are contractual vertical marketing systems? independent production & distribution firms integrate their efforts on a contractual basis to obtain greater functional economies and marketing impact than they could achieve alone
What is disintermediation?when a channel member bypasses another member & sells or buys products direct example:
What are service sponsored franchise systems?when franchisors license individuals or firms to dispense a service under a trade name and according to specific guidelines example: snelling and snelling, h&r block
What is dual distribution?an arrangement where a firm reaches different buyers by employing two or mroe different types of channels for the same basic product example: GE sells its large appliances directly to home and aprtment builders but also uses lowes to sell their products
What is logistics? involves those activites that focus on getting the right amount of the right products to the right place at the right time at the lowest price possible
What is a direct channel for consumer products & serviceswhen the producer and the ultimate consumers deal directly with each other
What is the logistical function?gathering, sorting, and dispersing products example: the several books required for a literature course sitting together on one shelf at a bookstre
what is the transactional function?when the intermediaries buy sell products or services,
What is the supply chain?it refers to various firms involved in performing activites required to create and deliever a product or service to consumers or industrial users
What are intermediaries?they make possible the flow of products from producers to ultimate consumers by performing three basic functions
What is a marketing channel?consists of indivudals & firms involved in the proces sof making a product or service aviable for use or consumption by consumers or industial uses
What are facilitating functions?when they make a transaction easier for buyer example: macys issues credit cards to consumer so they can buy now and pay later
What is an indirect channel for business products & services? When one or more intermediaries are between the producer & the industrial user
What are internet marketing channels?make products and service available for consumption or use by consumers or organizational buyers they combine electronic and traditional intermediaries to create time, place, form & posesion utility for buyers example: amazon. com for book
What is form utility?involves enhancing a product or service to make it more appealing to buyers example: coke & pepsi manufacture the flavor concentrate cola and lemon lime to sell it to bottlers
What is a direct marketing channel?allows consumers to buy products by interacting with various advertising media without face to face meeting with a salesperson exmaple: mail order selling , direct mail sales, catalog sales
What are strategic channel alliances?where one firms marketing channel is used to sell another firm's products
What is intensive distrubtion?means that a firm tries to place its products and service in as many outlets as possible usually chosen for convience products or services like candy, fastfood
What is exclusive distrubtion?when only one retailer in a specific geogrpahical area carries the firms products typically with speciality products or services such as womens frangances or gucci
What are direct channels for business products and services?when the producer sells it directly to the industrial user example IBM SUPERCOMPUTER
What is an indirect channel for consumer products & services?when intermediaries are inserted between the producer & consumers & perform numerous channel functions most common when retailer is large and can buy in large quantintes
What are manufacturer sponsored retail franchise systems?when a manufacturer such as ford licenses dealers to sell its car subject to various sales & service conditions
What is franchising? a contractual arrangemenet between a parent company and an individual or firm that alows the franchisee to operate a certain type of business under an established name & according to specfic rules
What is horizontal conflict?occurs between intermediaries at the same level in a marketing channel example such as between two or more retailers (target and kmart)
What is selective distribution?a firm selects a few retailers in a specfic area to carry its product
What is vertical conflict?occurs between different levels in a marketing channel example between a wholesaler and retailer
What are service sponosred retail franchise systems?used by firms that have designed a unique approach for perofrming a service & wish to profit by selling the franchise to others example: holiday inn
What is total logisitics cost?ocludes expenses associated with transportation, materials handing and warehousing invenetory , if one changes it will affect the others
What is multichannel marketing?blending of different communicating & delievery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attracting, retaining & building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in traditional intermediraires and online example:eddie bauer doesnt distinguish between their two channels like online and in store because its all eddie
What is retailer sponosred cooperatives?exist when small independent retailers form an organization that operates a wholesale facility cooperativiel example: associated grocers & ace hardware
What are vertical marketing systems?professionally managed and centrally coordinated marketing channels designed to achieve channel ecnomies and maximum marketing impact
What is a marketing channel?consists of indivduals and firms involved in the process of making a product or service avaiable for use or consumption by or consumers or industrial users
What is channel conflict? arises when one channel member believes another channel member is engage in behavior that prevents it from achieveing its goals
What is vendor manage inventory? when the supplier determines the product amount and assortment a customer needs and automatically delievers the appropriate items

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