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Section 1

Question Answer
what does phylum anthropoda havejointed leg, inc crabs, lobster, shrimp, crayfish
exoskeleton made of chitin
symmetry of anthropodabilateral
endoskeletons areinside, have calcium carbonate, and grow w their body
crustacea characteristicsmost abundant anthropod group in ocean, adapted to water, calcified endosleleton
lobsters haveopen circulatory system, so it has blood and a free flowing heart
copepods have___, eat ___-single eye, eat phytosplankton
barnacles aresessile adults (mobile), filter feeders, calcified plates
amphipodslaterally compressed, no fused head or throat
isopodadorsoventrally flattened. inc roli poli, 2 eyes
krillsupport big animals
decapodslobster, crab shrimp; first pair of legs- chelineds (turn into pinchers/ claws), cephalothorax- fused head and thorax,
male decapods v shaped
female decapodsu shaped
cheliceratainc spiders and scorpians, has chelicerae fangs,
uniramiainsects, v successful group, uniramous appendages

Section 2

Question Answer
do barnacles use their legs t filter particles out of the wateryes
is the human skeleton jointedno
lobster, shrimp, crabcrustacea
largest animal phylauniramia
amphipods are laterallly compressed
copepods inc one eyed grazers
merostromata inchorseshoe crab
isopodssow buds and rolli pollis
barnacles are calledcirri
maxilliped used forfeeding
claws/pincers on a crustaceanare chelined
copulatory swimmerettesmals have, females dont
seminal receptacle used forreproduction