Marine final semester 2

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Question Answer
bony fishesoften have swimbladders and bony operculum over the gills and bony fin rays to support the fins
schooling helps w feeding, mating, swim efficiency, avoiding predators
anadromous fish incsturgeon, salmon
greater diversity in fin shapes in bony than cartilagenoustrue
fish hearts are like human heartsfalse
lateral line of bony fishes used to detect weak electrical fields of preyfalse
bony fish do internal fertilizationfalse
warning coloration signifies toxins or bad tastefalse
most recent ancestor to all fishescephalochordata
form jelly like chainsthalicea
share similar larval stage w echinodermshemichordata
fishes lacking jawsagnatha
demersal, dorsal fins, rough, big and broad pectoral fins, dorsoventrally flattenedrays
demersal, lack dorsal fin, barb at base of tail skates
large species must keep swimming to stay afloat and breathesharks
primitive vertebratesagnatha
rat tail, deep waterchimaera
heterocercal caudal fin, fusiform shapesharks
oral side face upcrinoidea
breathes from anus!holothuroidea
group w grazers capable of destroying kelp forestechinoidea
test of an echinodermaristotle's lantern
symmetry of adult echinodermpentaradial
responsible for locomotiontube feet
consists of 5 bony plates used in feedingaristotles lantern
structure used for defense or cleaning of outer skinpedicellariae
responsible for extending tube feet when compressedampullae
houses tube feetambulacral groove
Must return to land to breedsea birds, pinnepeds, sea turtles
Evolved from carnivorespinnipedA
Eat sea grasssinerians
Inc polar bearscarnivores
Blubbercetaceans, sirenians, pinnepeds
2 holesbaleen whale
Whalescetaceans, useless limbs
Cetaceans tails moveup down
Fish tails moveleft right
Sea birdsendothermic
Not marine tetrapodsdescended from ray fin fishes
Not eaten by sea turtleskrill
Similar trait shared between reptiles and birdsscales
Not a Marine reptilealligator
Sea snakes are poisonoustrue
Sea birds and shore birds differ inwebbed feet
Mammals havehair and fur
Big whalebaleen
Tails of cetaceans havea fluke
Not diff between harbor seals and sea lionsposterior flippers
Lacks blubbersea otter
Hind limbswalrus
Toothed cetaceanbottle nose dolphin
Cetaceans w baleenhumpback
Belongs to Sireniamanatee
Carnivorapolar bear
Closest relative to vertebratescephalochordAtes

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