Managenment 323 final exam chp 12

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theory that says motivation is a function of valence, instrumetnality and expectancyexpectancy theory
depends on reward ( such as pay, benefits) controlled by an exernal sourceextrinsic motivation
depends on rewards that flow naturally from work itselfintrinsic motivation
theory focus on the divergent interests and goals of hte organizations stakeholders and the ways that employee compensation can be used to align these itnerest and goalsagency theory
the effect a pay plan has on the compositon of the current workforcesorting effect
pay program that results in annual pay icnreases being linked to performance apprasial ratings is merit pay prgoram
an employee ownership plan that provides employees with the opportunity to buy company stock at previosuly established pricesstock option
What are individual incenetiveswhen plans, payments are not added into base pay and must be contionusly earned
What is priotized with a blanced scorecardfinancial results, how non financial measure can be used, how financial results are achieved
A grid that combines an employees performance rating with their position within a pay range so as to determine the size and frequency of a pay increases is known as the? merit increase grid
prorgram that considers group or plant performance to determine incentive payouts whereas profit sharing plans use organization level indicators gainsharing
contracts that do not result in a transfer of risk to the agent and as such do not require a wage differental are known as what based contractsbehavior based