Management final exam chp 11

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Question Answer
What is pay structurethe realtive pay of different jobs and how much they are paid
What is pay levelthe average pay including wages, salaries and bonuses of jobs in organization
What is job structurethe relative pay of jobs in an oganization
Pay polices are often attatched to what usually?particular jobs then tailored to the individual
What is equity theorya person compares her own ratio of perceived outcomes to the ratio of another
What is external paycomparisons focus on what employess in other organizations are paid for doing the same general job
What is internal equitypay comparisons focus on what employess within the same organization but in different jobs are paid
expariate pay and benfits are linked more closely to the company's home country
an index that measures the coresspondence between actual pay and a company's intended pay policy is called?compa ratio
an adminstrative procedure used to measure internal job worth isjob evaluation
the concept that stages affect worker productivity isefficiency wage theory