Management final exam Chp 10

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What is nature in ability?abilities a function of our genes
What is nuture in aiblity? abilties we develop as a function of our experiences and surroindings
What is cognitive ability?refers to capalities related to the acquisition and application of knowledge in problem solving
What are the different types of cognitive ability?Verbal ability, quantitative, reasoning ,spatial, perceptua
What is verbal ability?refers to various capabilities associated with understanding and expressing oral and written communication
What is oral comprehension?the aiblity to understand spoken words and sentences
what is written comprehension? the ability to understand written spoken words and sentences
What is oral expression? the ability to communicate ideas by speaking
What is written expression?the ability to communicate ideas in writing
What is quantitative ability?refers to two types of math capabilities, number facility and mathematical reasoning
What is number facility?the capability to do simple math operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)
What is mathematical reasoning?the ability to choose and apply formulas to solve problems that involve numbers
What is reasoning ability ?a diverse set of abilites associated with sensing and solving problems insight, rules and logic
What is problem senstivity?the ability to sense that theres a problem right now or likely to be one in the near future
What is deductive reasoning? the ability which refers to the use of general rules to solve problems
What is inductive reasoning?refers to the ability to consider several specific pieces of information and then reaach a more general conclusion regarding how those pieces are related
What is spatial ability?capabilities associated with visual and mental representation and manipulation of objects in space
What is spatial orientation?refers to a good understanding of where one is relative to other things in the environment example tourist would know her way back without an map
What is visualization?the ability to imagine how separate things will look if they were put together in a particular way example if your good at imaging how a room would look if rearranged
What is perceptual ability?refers to being able to percieve, understand and recall patterns of information,
What is emotional intelligence ?a human ability that affects social functioning
What are the four types of emotional intelligence? self awareness, other awareness, emotion regulation, and use of emotions
What is self awarenessthe ability of an individual to understand the types of emotions he or she is experiencing, the willingess to acknowledge them and the capability to express them naturally
What is other awareness?a persons ability to recognize and understand the emotions that other people are feeling
What is emotion regulation?being able to recover quickly from emotional experiences
What is use of emotions?reflects the degree to which people can harness emotions and employ them to improve their chances of being succesfful in whatever their seeking to do
What are the five physical abilities? strength, stamina, flexibility & coordination, psychomotor abilities, sensory ability
What the three overall abilites? physical ability, emotional ability, cognitive ability
What is wonderlic cognitive ability test?a 12 minute test of general cognitive ability that consists of 50 questions.
The nfl uses what cognitive ability test?wonderlic personnel test, the closer you are to the ball the higher your score

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