Management chp 4 exam 1

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What is a work flow designthe process of analyzing the tasks necessary for the production of a product or service, prior to allocating and assigning these tasks to a particular job category or person
What helps managers understand work flow, select the best applicants for jobs,improve employess job performance and ensure the safety of workers?job analysis
What is an organizational structure?refers to the stable and formal network of vertical and horizontal interconnections among jobs that constitute the organization
What are two of the most critical dimensions of organizational structure?Centralization, departmentalization
What is centralizationthe degree to which decision making authority resides at the top of the organizational chart
What is departmentalizationdegree to which work units are grouped based on functional similarity or similarity work flow
What are the two methods for analyzing jobs?Position analysis questionnaire (PAQ) , The occupational information network (ONET)
What are the 4 approaches to Job Design?Mechanistic, motivational, biological, perceptual
what is the mechanistic approachidentifying the simplest way to structure work that maximizes efficiency
What is the motivational approachfocuces on the job characteristic that affect psychological meaning and motivational potential and it views attitudinal variables (satisfaction) as the most important outcomes of job design
What is biological approachto minimize physical strain on the worker by structuring the physical work environment around the way the human body works ( ergonomics,
What is ergonomicsconcerned with examining the interface between individuals physiological characteristic and the physical work environment
what is the perceptual approachto design jobs in a way that ensures they do not exceed people's mental capabilities and limitations
What is job evaluation assesing the relative dollar value of each job to the organization to set up interally equitable pay structures
what is human resource planninganalysis of the human resource requirements of an organization
What is job designthe process of defining how work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job
What is an skillthe individuals grade of proficiency at doing a specific action
What is ability his or her aptitude
what is job analysisthe process of getting detailed information about jobs
What is a divisonal structureorganizations that are made up of different units that operate somewhat independently
What is the occupational information networka resource that provides information about various occupations and the qualifications needed to do them
What structure is highly centralized and departmentalizedfunctional

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