Management chp 3 exam 1

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Who does the legislative branch consist ofHouse of reps and the Senate, they develop laws that govern many HRM activites, most of the laws stem from a perceived societal need
The juduical branch consist of federal court system
What does equal employment opportunity mean (EEO)refers to the government's attempt to ensure that all individuals have an equal chance for empolyment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age disability or national orgin
Equal empolyment opportunity is regulated by what civil rights act?title VII
What does the rehabilition act of 1973 sayrequires affirmative action in the employment of individuals with disabilities
What does the civil rights act of 1866 and 1871 saygrants all citizens the right to make, perform, modify and terminate contracts and enjoy all benefits, terms and conditions of the contractual relationship
What did the 13 amendment doabloish slavery
What is the 14th amendmentprovides equal protection for all citizens and requires due process in state action
What is the executive order 11246requires affirmative action in hiring women and minorities
What is the equal pay act of 1963requires that mean and women performing equal jobs recieve equal pay
The agency responsible for enforcing executive orders covering companies that do business with the federal government is know as? Office of federal contract compliance programs
What is the utilization analysiscompares the race, sex, and ethnic composition of the employers workforce with that of the available labor supply
What is disparate treatment?when individuals in similar situations are treated differently and the different treatment is based on the indivudals race, color, religion, sex, national orgin, age or disability status
What is the occupational safety and health act (OSHA)the law that authorizes the federal government to establish and enforce occupational safety and health standards for all places of employment engaging in interstate commerce
What is disparate impactoccurs when a facially neutral employment practice disproportionately excludes a protected group from employment opportunities ( not intended to discriminate)
Supreme court decisions can only be overturned by ?legislation
What is underutilized?when the percentage in the employers work force is much less than the percentage in the comparison group, then that minority group is considered this
What is Enforcement of equal employment opportunity mean (EEOC)the government commison to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity for employment,regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national orgin
What branch is the president with?executive branch
The equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) is responsible for what?resolving discrimination complaints, issuing appropriate guidelines, gathering information about complaints
What is the vocational rehabilitation act of 1973?this act covers executive agencies and contractors and subcontractor that receive more than $2,500 annually from the federal government
Why did congress design the vocational rehabilitation act of 1973? to encourage employers to actively recruit qualified individuals with disabilities and to make reasonable accommodations
What is the civil rights act of 1871?the law that gave all citizens the right to sue in federal court over alleged civil right violations
When a company has a formal policy of discrimination the plaintiff in a discrimination case can use that information as?direct evidence
What is reasonable accmmodation?making facilites readily accessible to and usable by indivduals with disabilities

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