Management chp 1 exam 1

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what is competitivenessrefers to a companys ability maintain and gain market share in its industry
companies use what type of surveys to measure employee engagementopinion, attitude
what is employee engagementthe degree to which employees are fully involved in their work and the strength of their job and company commitment
what are stakeholdersthe community customers, employees and all of the other parties that have an interest in seeing that the company succeeds
What is sustainabilityrefers to the company's ability to meet its needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs
what is talent managementrefers to the systematic planned strategic effort by a company to use bundles of human resource management practices including acquiring and assesing employees, learning and development, performance management and compensation to attract, retain, develop and motivate highly skilled employees and managers
What is alternative work arrangementsare used by workers who do not work full time ,include independent contractors, on call workers, temp workers and contract company workers
what are knowledge workersemployees who contribute to the company not through manual labor but thru what they know about customers or a specialized body of knowledge
The sarbanes oxley act of 2002 sets strict rules regarding what?companies actions
What is the human resource information systema computer system used to acquire, store, retrieve, and distribute information related to a company's human resources
What are considered HR product linesbusiness partner services, strategic partner, administrative services and transactions
What is workforce analyticspractice of using data from HR databases and other data sources to make evidence based human resource decisions
what is the balanced scorecardgives managers an indication of the performance of a company based on the degree to which stakeholder needs are satisfied
What is a learning organizationa company that enables all employess to continually acquire and share knowledge
What is lean thinkinga way to do more with less effort, time, equipment, and space but still provide customers with what they need and want
What is a internal labor forcethe labor force of current employees
what is an external labor forceincludes persons actively seeking employment
What does empowering meangiving employees responsibility and authority to make decisions regarding all aspects of product development or customer service
What is reshoring?moving jobs to the U.S.from overseas
What is high performance work systemsmaximize the fit between the company's social system and its technical system