Management 323 exam 1

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What is human resource manaagementrefers to the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees behavior , attiudes and performance
What is a shared service modelis a way to roganize the HR funnction that includes center of expertise or excellence, service centers, and business partners
What is outsourcingrefers to the practice of having another company ( a vendor, third party or consultant) provide services
What is job designthe process of determining what tasks should be grouped into a particular job
When an organization is pursuing an strategy they will atempt to intergrate vertically or horizontally or will diversify external growth strategy
To align employees activites and outcomes with organizational objectives companies useperformance management
What is internal growth strategiespresent staffing probelms, growth requires that a company constantly hire, transfer, and promote individuals and expansions into different markets may change the necessary skills that prospective employees must have
What are learning organizations?organizations that emphasize mointoring the business environment, absoring and using that information to make decisions and restructuring themselves to compete in the environment they exist in
What happens during the strategy formulation process?define a companys misson and goals, define a companies external opportunities and threats,generating various strategic alliances
What is an job analysis the process of getting detailed information about jobs
What is two way linkageallows for consideration of human resource issues during the strategy formulation process
What is a concentration strategywhen a company seeks to maintain the current skills that exist in the organization by providing training that keep those skills sharp among organizational members
What are intended strategiesresult from proactive decisions made through the rational decision making process used by managers developing the organizations strategic plan
What is external growth strategy this statergy attemps to expand a companys resources or to strengthen its market position through acquiring or creating new businesses usually through mergers or acquisitions
What is a divestment strategywhen an organization is attempting to pare down their operations due to serious economic diffculties
What is downsizing?the planned elimination of large personnel, designed to enhance organizational effectiveness
Downsizing is also known as ?rightsizing
What are emegernt strategies?comprising what organizations actually do as opposed to what they intend to do
What are common aspect of the divestment strategy?retrenchment, divestitures, liquidation
What is generic strategies?similarities in the ways companies attempt to compete within a single industry
To align employess activites and outcomes with organizational objectives companies use?performance management
What is administrative linkagein this linkage the HRM function's attention is focused on day to day activites, they engage in administrative work unrelated to the company's core business needs
What is integrative linkage?dynamic and multifaced, based on continuing rather than sequential interaction
What is one way linkage? the firms strategic business planning function develops the strategic plan and then informs the HRm FUNCTION OF THE PLAN
What is the lowest linkage? administrative linkage
What is external analaysis?consists of examiinng the organizations operation environment to identify the strategic opportunites and threats
What is internal analysis?attempts to identify the organizations strengths and weakness, focuses on quantity and quality of resources available to the organization, financial, capital, technological and human resources
What is performance managementused to ensure that employees activities and outcomes are congruent with the organizations objectives

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