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What is a mammal?Endothermy, hair, limbs beneath body, ear structure, brain structure, dentition, digestive/resp/circulatory system, urinary system, reproductive system
What are Pelycosauria?Synapsids, limbs to side, mammal-like, extinct, Dimetrodon
What are Therapsids?An order of synapsids, limbs beneath body, secondary palate, bones in lower jaw not part of ear yet
What are Triconodonta?First order of mammals, cheek teeth with 3 conical cusps, fossils.
What are Monotremata?Extant line of Triconodont, Echidnas and Platypus
What are Theria?Subclass from Triconodonts, central cheek-tooth cusp dominant
What are the clades of Theria?Eutheria, Metatheria
What are Metatheria?Marsupials
What are Eutherians?All mammals (not marsupials nor monotremes)
What are the clades of Eutheria?Afrotheria, Xenarthra, Euarchontoglires, Laurasiatheria
What are the clades of Afrotheria?Afrosoricida, Macroscelidea, Tubulidentata, Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, Sirenia
What are the clades of Euarchonta?Dermoptera, Scandentia, Primates, Lagomorpha, Rodentia
What are the clades of Laurasiatheria?Carnivora, Pholidota, Perissodactyla, Cetartiodactyla, Chiroptera, Eulipotyphla

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What are Xenarthra?Anteaters, 2-toed sloths, 3-toed sloths, armadillos
What are Eulipotyphla?Shrews, Solendodons, Hedgehogs, Moles & desmans
What are Afrosoricida?Tenrecs
What are Macroscelidea?Elephant shrews
What are Tubulidentata?Aardvark
What are Proboscidea?Elephants
What are Hyracoidea?Hyraxes
What are Sirenia?Manatees & Dugongs
What are Dermoptera?Flying lemurs
What are Scandentia?Tree shews
What are Primates?Prosimii, Anthropoidea
What are Anthropoidea?Platyrrhini, Catarrhini
What are Platyrrhini?New world monkeys and marmosets
What are Catarrhini?Cercopithidae, Hominoidea
What are Cercopithidae?Aboreal langurs, semi-terrestrial baboons
What are Hominoidea?Hylobatidae, Great Apes
What are Hylobatidae?Gibbons
What are Great Apes?Pongidae, Hominidae
What are Pongidae?Gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, orangutan
What are Hominidae?Humans
What are Prosimii ?Lemurs, lorises, bush-babies, pottos
What are Anthropoidea?Platyrrhini, Catarrhini
What are Platyrrhini?New world monkeys and marmosets
What are Catarrhini?Cecopithidae, Hominioidea
What are Cecopithidae?Old world monkeys, aboreal langurs, baboons
What are Lagomorpha?Rabbits, hares, pikas
What are Rodentia?Squirrel, mouse, cavy
What are Carnivora?Cats, dogs, bears, mustelids, mongooses, hyaenas, coatis & racoons, civets
What are Pholidota?Pangolins
What are Perissodactyla?Asses, zebras, horses; tapirs; rhinoceroses
What are Cetartiodactyla?Artiodactyl and Aquatic mammals
What are aquatic mammals?Pinnipedes, (walrus, eared seals, seals) whales and dolphins
What are Artiodactyla?Pigs, peccaries, hippopotamuses; ruminants - deer, camels, bovids
What are Chiroptera?Pteropodidae, Microchiroptera