Malformations and molecular control - 3

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What does the developmental biology tool kit consist of?Hedgehog - sonic, indian and desert. BMPs and the Wnt family.
Give three of the functions of ShhNeural tube induction, somite differentiation, limb patterning and tooth development.
What can Shh mutations lead to?Defects in head development.
What inhibits Shh?Cyclopaminc
What can foetal alcohol syndrome do?Kill NCCs, reduce levels of Shh and microcephaly - dental crowding.
What is Wnt signalling needed for?The formation of the primitive streak, a 'be posterior' signal, control of stem cells, cell proliferation, cell motility and cell polarity.
What does planar polarity do?Allows cells to determine directions in the plane of the sheet.
What causes the initiation of tooth development?Epithelial signals from oral ectoderm, inducing odontogenic potential in mesenchymal cells, BMPs, Wnts and Shh.
How is the primary enamel knot removed in molar teeth (except for the region which gives rise to the first cusp)?Apoptosis
What is Shh needed for in root development?Growth of the epithelial cervical loops and in root dentine.