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Male Reproductive System

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Question Answer
GlansThe head of the penis
ScrotumThe sac of skin which holds the testicles
Prepuce (aka foreskin)The skin covering the head of the penis. May be removed surgically (aka circumcision)
PenisA Spongy, Muscular organ that becomes enlarged and erect when sexually aroused. Varies in size.
UrethraThe tube which urine and semen leave the body.
Testes (Testicles)Male sex glands, produce sperm and testosterone
Vas DeferensA tube which carries sperm from each testicle to the prostate, cowper's glands, seminal vesicles and the urethra.
Seminal VesiclesPair of glands which add nourishing fluid to sperm
Prostate GlandProduces a milky fluid which forms part of semen
Cowper's GlandsPair of glands which produce a clear, sticky fluid that appears at the tip of penis during sexual excitement.
BladderBag-shaped organ which holds urine until discharged