Male Reproduction

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ScrotumThe sac of skin which holds the pair of testes.
PenisIt is a spongy, muscular organ that becomes enlarged and erect when sexually aroused.
UrethraThe tube which urine and semen leave the body.
TesticlesThe male sex glands which produce sperm and testosterone.
Epididymis A tube on the surface of each testicle which stores and transports sperm to the vas deferens.
Vas Deferens A sperm duct which leads from each testicle to the ejaculatory duct.
Seminal Vesicles Pair of glands which add a nourishing fluid to the sperm.
Prostate GlandProduces a milky fluid which forms part of the semen.
BladderA bag shaped organ which holds urine until it is discharged.

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