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Common pathogens in acute and chronic prostatitise.coli, proteus, proventia, enterobacter, klebsiella
Common pathogens in chronic non bacterial prostatitisgardnerella vaginalis, chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma

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Prostate massage is contraindicated in acute bacterial prostatitisTrue
If there is hematuria with prostatitis you should rule out neoplasmTrue
No further workup needed if leukocytes or nitrates seen on UAFalse
Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis is often caught when working up infertilityTrue
The size of the prostate in BPH correlates with the symptomsFalse
Mumps is a common etiology in orchitisTrue
If PSA increases by half a point every year you refer them to urologyFalse
Biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is smokingTrue

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Symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitisacutely ill, fevers, increased leukocytes, perineal or genital pain, malaise, low back pain
Symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitishallmark is recurrent UTI, asymptomatic bacteruria, dysuria, hematospermia
Symptoms of chronic prostatitislower GU pain, testicular discomfort, variable voiding or sexual problems. leuks on prostate
Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasiapain, discomfort, hematuria, urgency, weak flow, hesitancy, straining to empty
Symptoms of orchitissudden onset acute pain, testicular pain, fever, possible hydrocele
Symptoms of testicular torsionsudden pain, firm scrotal mass, no fever
Symptoms of epididymitisscrotal pain that radiates along spermatic cord and flank. swelling epididymitis, fever, chills
Symptoms of bladder cancerfirst you see intermittent painless gross hematuria, irritative symptoms
Symptoms of renal cancerflank pain, hematuria, renal mass, HTN, weight loss

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Prostate exam for acute bacterial prostatitiswarm, tender, swollen, boggy, possible induration
Prostate exam for chronic bacterial prostatitisenlarged, boggy, may be tender or non specific discomfort
Prostate exam for chronic prostatitisvariable or normal
Prostate exam for benign prostatic hyperplasiaenlarged, firm, rubbery, smooth, symmetrical, non-tender
Prostate exam for varicocelebag of worms, feeling of fullness, transluminate

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Question Answer
Treatment of acute bacterial prostatitisbactrim DS BID x 4-6 weeks or cipro 500mg BID x 4-6 weeks
Treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitisbactrim BID x 3-4 months or cipro (although this is disputed due to drug resistance)
Treatment of chronic prostatitisnot universally accepted, vibramycin 100mg bid, emycin or bactrim x 6 weeks
Treatment of asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitisno treatment indicated, if increased PSA may consider cipro
Treatment of varicocelesurgery if symptomatic, no treatment if asymptomatic and infertility not of concern
Treatment of epididymitisempiric antibiotics (not cipro), antifungal, antipyretics, NSAIDS

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