Male genitalia

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extreme form of dysuria: implies an unpleasant + painful desire to void urine when the bladder is empty or nearly soStrangury
Whrenching sensation at end of urination, stone in the lower ureter/bladder, cystitisStrangury
passage of air in urinePneumaturia
Gas forming bacteria, introduction of instruments, fistula causesPneumaturia
Presence of fecal materail in the urineFecaluria
characteristic of Diverticulitis and chrons diseaseFecauria
Pus in the urine(bacterial infections, neoplasm)Pyuria
more than 2500 ml output in 24 hrsNocturia/polyuria
less than 400 ml of urine output in 24 hrsOliguria and anuria
Beer drinking, DM, Pituitary nephrogenic syndromePolyuria
Signs seen in Renal failureAnuria and oliguria
Difficulty in initiating the process of micturitionHesitancy
difficulty completing micturation in a clean stop; ass. with increase freq of micturation + nocturiaTerminal dribbling
Hesitancy, reduced for of stream and terminal dribbling are the triad forProstatic cancer
Inability to retain urine voluntarilyUrinary incontinece
Stress incontinencePost surgical complication
overflow incontinencecaused due to chronic bladder outlet obstruction
what type of pain is seen in renal stonesflank pain
renal colic pain radiates from?loin to groin
Flank pain, renal colic, hematuria, infection, nausea and vomiting, loss of renal functionRenal stones

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Persistent painful erection. Blood cannot exit the corpus cavernosum(sicke disease, Trazodone)Priapism
foreskin cannot be retractedPhimosis
Foreskin cannot be returnedParaphimosis
congenital/secondary to trauma, STDsStricture
Severe form of paraphimosis can lead to autoamputation
Priapism may be caused byThrombosis of corpora cavernosa vein
abnormal urethra opening on the ventral surface of the penisHypospadias
abnormal urethra opening on the dorsal surface of the penisEpispadias
Glans, penile, penscrotal, perinealtypes of hypospadias
Clustered small vesicles leading to shallow ulcers, painful and noninuratedHSV 1 and HSV2(primary herpes)
Painless erosion or ulcer-indurated base, infectiousChancre syphilis-Hunterian chancre
Lymphogranuloma venerumChlamydia trachomatis
film lymphadenopathy(suppurate), papulo vesicles, thick white discharge.Chlamydia trachomatis
Associated with: prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, infetility and proctitisChlamydia trachomatis
Painful papules, pustules and ulcers; painful inguinal LN. Chancroids
Chancroids are caused byHeamophilus ducreyi
Inflammation of the GlansBalanitis
Inflammation of prepucial skinBalanoposthitis
Uncircumcised, poor hygience and diabetes can causeBalanitits and balanoposthitis
Candida balantishigher incidence in uncircumcised men
Reiters syndrome(arhritis, conjunctivitis and urethrits and cervicitisCircinate Balanitis
Condyloma acummilata; venereal warts;malodorous; rapid growthHPV
Profuse yellow discharge, dysuria; infection may involve epididymis, testicles or prostate gland(scrotal pain and swelling)Gonococcal urethrits
Non healing ulcer, phimoisis, HPV 16,18; metastisize inguinal, iliac lymph nodesPenile squamous cell carcinoma
Collection of serous fluid within tunica vaginalis(common at birth)Hydrocele
dilation of the pampiniform venous plexus within the scrotum; 90% involve the left renal vein(left testicle)Scrotal varicocele
Seen in carcinoma of the kidneyScrotal varicocele
Spermatic cord twist--> occluding arterial, venous and lymph supply. Sudden onset of pain and testicular swelliing(surgical emergency!!!)Testicular torsion
Bell clapper deformity high attachment of tunica vaginalisTesticular torsion cause
Elevation of testes on affected side by twstingsuggest testicular torsion
Most common misdiagnose of testicular torsionEpididymitis(complication of gonorrhea

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