Male Genitalia Disorders Treatment

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Question Answer
Lymphogranuloma VenereumEventually heals with fibrosis; perianal involvement may result in rectal stricture.
CryptorchidismMost cases resolve spontaneously; otherwise, orchiopexy is performed before 2 years of age
Testicular tumorsNot biospied due to risk of seeding the scrotum; removed via radical orchiectomy
SeminomaResponds to radiotherapy
Embroyonal carcinomaChemotherapy may result in differentiation into another type of germ cell tumor
BPHalfa1-antagonist(e.g. terazosin) to relax smooth muscle; also relaxes vascular smooth muscle lowering blood pressure; Selective alfa 1A- antagonists (e.g tamsulosin) are used in normotensive individuals to avoid alfa 1-B effects on blood vessels. 5-alda reductase inhibitor; blocks conversion of testosterone to DHT; takes months to produce results; also useful for male pattern baldness; side effects are gynecomastia and sexual dysfunction.
Prostate AdenocarcinomaProstatectomy is performed for localized disease, advanced disease is treated with hormone suppression to reduce testosterone and DHT. Continuous GnRH analogs (e.g. leuprolide) shut down the anterior pituitary gonadotrophs (LH and FSH are reduced). Flutamide acts as competitive inhibitor at the androgen receptor.